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National Center for Competency-Based Learning

Currently, we are leading the NH Department of Education's effort to revamp the Minimum Standards for Public School Approval, the document that governs K-12 education in NH. NCCBL's Vision is The World as the Classroom. Our primary purpose is to redesign public education from a time-based (180 days, move on by age) system to a competency-based (Anytime, anyplace, student-centered, move on when ready) model. 

NCCBL has led the effort to create a joint vision with the NH Coalition for Business and Education and the NH School Administrators' Association which states that " By 2025, virtually every NH high school student will earn, or be on a personalized path to earning, a post-secondary or career-related credential". or call Fred Bramante at 603-231-2708

Posted on: Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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