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Voices Against Violence

Voices Against Violence provides the following direct services to victims of domestic and sexual violence:  24-hour support line; confidential emergency shelter and food for women and children; emergency transportation; hospital accompaniment; court, social service, educational, and housing advocacy; support groups for adults and children; education programs for area schools on topics such as bullying and teasing, healthy relationships, dating violence.  The target population served includes male and female adult (ages 18+) and child victims (ages 0 - 17), in the 18 towns that make up the agency’s service delivery area, but in some cases we shelter families being relocated from anywhere in the country if safety issues necessitate it.

Voices’ goal is to provide education and support for victims of domestic violence and survivors of sexual assault, and their families, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. Studies have shown that victims who receive emotional support and advocacy following a traumatic event are much more likely to heal quicker and more thoroughly than those who do not access services to deal with their trauma.  With this in mind, Voices staff and volunteers strive to provide individualized services to everyone who reaches out to us, and to encourage victims/survivors to access the wide array of additional services within our communities to ensure that all needs are being met by the best appropriate resources.

Voices continues to significantly impact the lives of hundreds of victims of violence in our community. Many families leaving our shelter move into stable housing (for many, this is their first opportunity to live in an environment free of fear and to have any form of independence), secure adequate employment, keep their children enrolled in school steadily, continue accessing mental health services that were set-up while at Voices, and continue working with Voices’ direct service staff on trauma-related issues that more than likely will never disappear, only become manageable. One of the most common sentiments we hear from clients is that our belief in their inherent value to society and the on-going support they received from us, which in many cases is the only time they have ever been supported in their lives, has enabled them to survive the challenges they have faced and make healthier decisions about how to live their lives and build a healthier future for their children. Our agency strongly adheres to the belief that with intensive, comprehensive support based on an empowerment philosophy, families can break out of what has often been a generational cycle of violence.

During Voices 2015- 2016 fiscal year, Voices had contact with 720 individuals. Since May of 2016, however, the need for our services has greatly increased. Voices has worked with over 100 individuals each month since May. If this upswing in the number of clients we see continues unabated, Voices will provide services to over 1,000 this year, an almost 70% increase.

As with the need for the direct services, the requests for outreach and education has also dramatically increased recently. In our 2014-2015 year Voices presented to 1,863 individuals. In 2015-2016, Voices reached 4,948 individuals through our prevention education and outreach programs. Those programs included workshops for students and faculty on topics such as bullying prevention, healthy relationships, how to help a friend in an abusive situation and teen dating violence. 

To learn more about Voices Against Violence, please visit our website at or go to our Facebook page at

You can also call our office at (603) 536-5999.

Posted on: Tuesday, December 20, 2016

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