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Opportunity Networks, Inc.

Opportunity Networks Inc. is a Non-profit, 501( C ) (3), human service agency that has been providing employment and day programming opportunities for 34 years. We support some of the state’s most vulnerable citizens: adults with acquired and developmental disabilities. The individuals we support live in the Merrimack, Nashua, Milford, Hudson, Amherst, Litchfield, Greenfield, Wilton, and Lyndeborough communities.. Since that time, the organization has evolved to provide multiple employment avenues, socialization and life skill support. we have been able to provide broader and more specialized services from two facilities. One program center is located in Amherst and one program center is in Nashua.

Program Services & Initiatives:

• Day Program Services
• Supportive Employment
• Job Development – Vocational Rehabilitation & SEP
• Job Coaching
• Autism Services
• Deaf Program Supports
• High School Transition Programs
• Extended School Year Work Experience Program
• Mission Possible Work Experience Program for Transition Students

Opportunity Networks Inc. serves individuals with MR, Down syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy other cognitive disabilities as well as individuals who have experienced a traumatic brain injury due to injury or illness in a variety of ways. Opportunity Networks has also expanded its services with the Deaf Community. We assist the people we serve with:

• Achieving gainful employment within their community
• School-to-work and pre-employment training
• Finding and maintaining volunteer positions
• Education and training
• Life-skills building and development
• Social and community-based involvement opportunities
• Safety-awareness
• Increased independence in daily living

Since our company’s inception, we have touch the lives of hundreds of individuals through our employment and work initiatives, supported employment, volunteer programs, community integration, health and wellness initiatives, improving quality of life through increased independence and giving back to each individual’s respective community. We have placed and supported hundreds of workers into productive jobs in local industry. In meeting the needs of each individual we support, we have also continued to adapt and change based on market-driven initiatives and accepted best practices within the human service field. We are proud of the commitment and dedication displayed by our professional staff that is comprised of many employees with a minimum of five years employment with our agency. We have a strong, committed Board of Directors who can have influence in the community through their many professional and personal contacts.
Our Mission Statement is as follows: “Opportunity Networks Inc. will provide genuine vocational opportunities to adults with developmental and acquired disabilities from the Greater Nashua and Souhegan Valley community. We are committed to the ideal of meaningful work and a safe, community-based environment, working towards individual growth and fulfillment.”

We maintain a distinct competitive advantage to grow our enrollment by being the only agency of our type with a physical presence in the Merrimack, Greater Nashua, Milford, Amherst, and Souhegan Valley areas. With a new focus on the expanded services we now offer, we are currently experiencing renewed relationships with the local Special Education Departments in the local school systems. We currently provide supports to 97 individuals at our Amherst and Nashua program location.
Our focus is not just on helping individuals achieve gainful employment within their community, but providing quality day services/supports, volunteering, education & training, life skills building & development and increased independence in daily living. We receive funding from the NH Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation and from the NH Bureau of Developmental Disabilities to provide a variety of services which support individuals in achieving their employment goals including job seeking, work assessment, on the job training, school-to-work and pre-employment training, social and community based involvement opportunities and participation in our fund raising events..

We have been recognized as a leader in new and innovative ways to support individuals with disabilities in employment and employment support, improving their lives and becoming an active part of their communities. Our emphasis is on the uniqueness of each individual and in creating programs which address each individual’s interests and needs. Experienced in the needs of individuals, families, employers and school systems- we provide a strong team presence to all constituents. We also assist in bridging the gap to adult services in a professional and knowledgeable way.
In addition, we feel a strong commitment to help each individual give back to their respective communities through appropriate volunteer programs. Individuals we support take great pride in giving back to their communities through delivering Meals on Wheels to seniors, collecting food from local farms and delivering to local food banks, Meals on Wheels, Tolles Street Mission and the Share program. These types of programs help build individuals’ character, self-esteem and purpose and foster ongoing relationships while giving back to their communities. The key is for each individual to live, grow, give back and be a part of their community.
Our programming initiatives include a Health and Wellness Program, based outdoors during the warmer months and indoor during the winter. We have utilized the Hampshire Hills Dome, Beaver Brook Association, Peabody Mills Environmental Center, local YMCA and are in early stages of discussion with Nashua Community College for access to indoor and outdoor activities to utilize the Wellness Center.

We continue to work collaboratively with local school districts in the Greater Milford, Souhegan Valley and Greater Nashua Area to aid in transitioning students into the next phase of adulthood. Of note was a collaborative effort with a local alternative school in constructing an elevated plant box system so individuals could plant, grow and distribute plants to local communities and nursing homes.

Posted on: Monday, June 6, 2016

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