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Nashua Soup Kitchen & Shelter


The Greater Nashua Community will be one that ensures that the basic needs of all its members are met in a sustainable, accessible, and dignified way.


NSKS provides immediate food and shelter to vulnerable individuals and families in the Greater Nashua Region in a dignified and sustainable manner.  NSKS works to increase access to a full spectrum of basic needs through advocacy and collaboration with other organizations.

Agency Services:

            *          meals served in the soup kitchen

            *          food pantry

            *          emergency shelter for homeless individuals & families

            *          diapers & personal hygiene products; household items

            *          employment advocacy

            *          Hispanic advocacy

            *          education and public policy efforts

            *          social work assistance

            *          limited financial assistance to prevent homelessness

            *          working with local, state, national groups to prevent homelessness

Service statistics: (FY18):

*          25,861 breakfast meals served.

*          54,966 dinner meals served (4% increase).

*          12,786 food baskets given to households (16% increase).

*          27,608 visits for fresh fruits and vegetables and bread .

*          23,440 frozen Meals for Kids produced and distributed.

*          3,371 bags of toiletries and personal care items distributed

*          10,992 nights of emergency shelter to 305 homeless persons, 55 were children

*          44 families, including 26 children, received financial assistance to prevent homelessness.

*          5,250 families received household items

*          47,911 diapers were distributed (130% increase)

*          Clients took 281 showers and washed 137 loads of laundry.

*          1,516 kids received new backpacks filled with school supplies to start school.

*          625 clients were helped by our Employment & Education advocate.

*          175 people gained employment; 56 were full time jobs.

*          8 people were in post-secondary programs.

*          3 people enrolled in HISET (new GED) program; 2 graduated this year

*          Individuals and families served come from Nashua, Hudson, Milford, Amherst, Merrimack, Wilton, Hollis, Pelham, and Mont Vernon.

*          Volunteers and supporters come from those towns and beyond

Community support is critical to the NSK&S.  Nearly 90% of the funds for helping those in need comes from private contributions.

To learn more about Nashua Soup Kitchen & Shelter, please visit our website at or call us at (603) 889-7770. 

Visit our Facebook page for current events and happenings in our community.

Posted on: Thursday, April 25, 2019

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