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Villi Poni Farm

Villi Poni Farm is a sanctuary for the critically endangered Newfoundland Pony breed.   Created by nature through survival of the fittest, the Newfoundland Pony is the last remaining native pony that has not had its genetics altered, or been influenced by modern manmade breeds. It is a time-capsule of healthy genetics and wonderful traits that made it so appealing to the people of Newfoundland. Sadly, as recently as 30 years ago, it was slaughtered nearly to extinction. Today there are 250 left of breeding age in the world, with 22 in the USA.  Founded in 2013, Villi Poni Farm is home to 6. 

Our mission is to provide a safe haven for critically endangered Newfoundland Ponies, to save the breed through careful breeding, and to educate the public to the plight of these creatures. 

Our vision is to preserve the future, one Newfoundland Pony at a time. 

We offer tours of the sanctuary, special events, as well as outreach into the community to give people the opportunity to meet, see and learn why saving these early, heritage breeds is crucial to overall species health, which in turn translates to a healthier world for us all.

Our 501c3 application was approved in June, 2014. 

We have bred one very important filly who carries rare lines that will help keep the breed's genetics diverse.

Another mare is with foal, and we are expecting that foal in August of 2015.  The sire and dam have no reproducing offspring and this foal will be kept safe to carry on their family lines. 

Villi Poni Farm played a significant role recently in the rescue and repatriazation of a herd of 27 Newfoundland ponies. Since initial contact by a Canadian rescue in May of 2014,  we coordinated all rescue arrangements from the USA and worked closely with the Newfoundland Pony Society in Canada to facilitate this tremendously difficult undertaking.  The ponies, sadly some of whom were taken and remain missing, were in danger of being seized, gelded and euthanized.  Through our efforts, and funding provided by donors to the Newfoundland Pony Society, they traveled from Vancouver Island to a layover ranch in Alberta to grow strong and heal.  Late summer, the 10 mares and 10 stallions continued on to safe haven in Nova Scotia.  All told this was a 4000 mile journey, coast to coast.  They will eventually be settled in Newfoundland, returning many important blood lines to the dwindling population there.  Villi Poni Farm's chief influence was from an educational point of view which included teaching many from the horse community, rescues, and the SPCA about the critical importance of saving these ponies and keeping their ability to reproduce intact.   We did not receive nor did we give any monetary support, we gave only our time and knowledge.  Along the 4000 mile journey, we helped educate and developed awareness for rare breeds with every person who met or cared for these lovable, affable creatures.

Please visit us on facebook at Villi Poni Farm or our website     Or, better yet, make an appointment to visit us in person; the ponies would love to meet you!

Villi Poni Farm
PO Box 371
New Ipswich, NH  03071

Posted on: Monday, September 15, 2014

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