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Moose Mountains Regional Greenways

The purpose of MMRG is to identify and conserve important natural resource areas, including water resources, farm and forestlands, wildlife habitat, recreational areas, cultural and scenic areas; to educate others about these efforts, and to join protected lands to form greenways.

Founded in 2000, we started as a grassroots group who wanted to assist other land trusts with conserving lands. We engaged the community through events to raise awareness of the urgent need to conserve more lands. in 2013, MMRG’s mission expanded to become a land trust, we became keenly aware that preserving land forever requires resources that are limited and require smart decisions. In order to prioritize our conservation projects, MMRG engaged in a year-long conservation planning process for our seven town service area: Brookfield, Farmington, Middleton, Milton, New Durham, Wolfeboro, and Wakefield. Our Conservation Action Plan, ‘Our Home, Our Land, Our Tomorrow‘, is now complete.

We still do many events throughout the year (though this looks different now due to the Coronavirus) to reach out to the communtiy with an outstanding education component. We've held events to gather and inform young families, folks looking for information on forestry, habitat and wildlife, and most recently, a presentation from reknowned Sue Morse on cougars returning to the east.

We have also started holding our own lands and easements, helping to conserve over 7000 acres since inception, 6 easements that we hold and one property that we own. Feel free to contact us if you're looking to conserve your property!

In the last year, we have conserved 3 properties totalling over 2400 acres. In New Durham, we conserved the Birch Ridge Community Forest in partnership with SELT and the Merrymeeting Lake Association. These 2000 acres were about to be developed with this partnership formed and intervened. Now folks from all over can enjoy this beautiful property for many years to come!

In Brookfield, we conserved 325 acres on Tumbledown Dick overlooking the beautiful Lake Wentworth and protecting habitat for many species who depend on vernal pools. The Snow Family Conservation Easement is now protecting this land for future generations.

In Farmington, we conserved 67 acres of mixed farmland and woods at Leary Field and Forest. This property adjoins several other protected lands and is instrumental in creating greenways for the resiliency of our wildlife.

This spring, board member, Peter Goodwin has been creating maps of trails on the proeprties that are open to the public that we have helped to conserve or hold easements on. This new adventure is in an effort to offer lesser-traveled trails as options for folks to get outside and provide healthy opporunities to get outside while staying within social-distancing guidelines.

You can learn more about our educational outreach and conservation opportunities by contacting us by email at or phone 603-473-2020. Due to current guidelines, our staff are working from home, so email is the best way to reach us. Thanks for your interest!

Posted on: Tuesday, April 28, 2020

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