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Kismet Rock Foundation

Kismet Rock Foundation (Kismet) enhances the physical, intellectual and emotional development of well-functioning but economically disadvantaged children by providing access to the immense value of a comprehensive education in technical rock climbing. By developing their potential, Kismet prepares students to positively contribute to their communities and their culture throughout their lives.

Students identified for Kismet programs typically “fall through the cracks” of their highly stressed public school systems. These students are economically disadvantaged and have severely limited access to extra-curricular opportunities—yet are too often underserved because they are not presently showing risky behavior patterns and are not identified as being in need of rehabilitation, therapy or adjudication. Kismet is most accurately seen as a school. The four-year curriculum, set in our White Mountains, New Hampshire classroom, is progressive and broadly focused on technical climbing systems, safety and technical skill building. Topics include equipment, knots and rope systems, anchors, climbing and travel techniques, communication and staying warm and dry. Students also learn basic first aid two nights per week through Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities.

Kismet accepts an equal number of girls and boys from a broad range of geographic (rural, urban and suburban areas of New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts) and cultural backgrounds. Thus, our students have an extraordinary opportunity to develop friendships with, and learn from, children whose experience is very different from their own.

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Posted on: Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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