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Betty J. Borry Breast Cancer Retreats

The Betty J. Borry Breast Cancer Retreats' mission is to support, empower and enhance the quality of life for women of all ages and stages of breast cancer through adventure based support opportunities in a retreat environment.

Founded in 2002 in memory of Betty J Borry, we are dedicated to fostering hope and enhancing the quality of life for breast cancer survivors.  Our adventure based retreats utilize “challenge by choice activities” such as ropes courses, kayaking, snowshoeing and expressive/healing arts to create a supportive, inclusive, invigorating environment. Participants challenge themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually,     finding understanding and support. While many types of support groups exist, adventure-based experiences in a retreat environment have proved to be exceptional in empowering women to discover their own strengths in the recovery process. Together, women living after breast cancer can move from surviving to thriving.

Our retreats are held at various outdoor education and retreat centers in the winter, spring and fall with over 900 breast cancer women having attended from all of the New England states and NY.

NH Nonprofit Awarded Top Honors for Work with Breast Cancer Survivors - June 2013

Cynthia E. Cote of Durham, NH President and Executive Director of Betty J. Borry Breast Cancer Retreats, accepted an award at the 2013 Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center's annual fundraiser,* "the one hundred"*.  Betty J Borry Breast Cancer Retreats was one of 100 individuals and groups honored, joining a growing community of individuals and groups committed to defeat this disease and improve the daily life of those with cancer.

In 2002, the Betty J Borry Breast Cancer Retreats became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization fulfilling Betty’s dream of providing outdoor adventures for women living after breast cancer. It is a great honor to be awarded “the one hundred” 2013 by the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center.”

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Posted on: Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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