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Rockingham Nutrition and Meals on Wheels

Rockingham Nutrition and Meals on Wheels is about more than providing someone a meal.  It is about giving someone the means to maintain a healthy, independent living situation.  This includes helping them connect with other services they are in need of, keeping watch for even subtle changes that may be a sign of more serious issues to come, keeping family (especially distant family) abreast of any areas of concern, and more.  With this philosophy, we have three main guiding principles we operate by:

  • Integrity and Dependability you can count on - When an individual is in need of a basic necessity such as food, they need that support now.  That is why, RNMOW is proud to say, we have never had to wait-list people for meals.
  • A Meal, Personal Contact, and Peace of Mind - RNMOW prides itself on being more than just a hot, nourishing meal.  Safety checks provide each individual, their family, and their community "Peace of Mind" that someone is checking on the recipient regularly.
  • Nourishing the Body and Soul - Meals on Wheels is about nourishing the whole person.  Our program also focuses on ways to help nourish the spirit of the individual with social contact.

RNMOW provides nutritious meals and beneficial support services to older and disabled residents of Rockingham County who need assistance to help them preserve long-term health, well-being, and independence.  RNMOW is registered 501(c)(3) private, non-profit agency that was established in 1978.

Annually we serve about 3,000 elderly and disabled adults of Rockingham County approximately 300,000 meals.  This feet is only possible due to the support of donors and grants we are grateful to be awarded including our Federal/State grants.  We also proudly state that we have kept our administration costs at 9% allowing the support to go directly into providing services.

Please check out our website at or contact via email at  Our Administrative office on 106 North Road - Brentwood, NH 03833 can also be reached at (603) 679-2201. 

Posted on: Tuesday, August 16, 2016

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