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Harris Center for Conservation Education

Since our founding in 1970, the Harris Center has become a transformative force in the Monadnock Region, where we promote understanding and respect for our natural environment through education of all ages, direct protection and exemplary stewardship of the region’s natural resources, conservation research, and programs that encourage active participation in the great outdoors.


Each year, our teacher/naturalists collaborate with classroom teachers in 30 local schools to plan age-appropriate programs for 3,000 students in grades K-12. Topics range from geology to birdsong to water quality monitoring, and many points in between. During school breaks, children explore the wild world with us through a variety of nature-themed camps. For adults, more in-depth inquiries are offered in our Environmental Studies Institute (ESI) courses, providing opportunities to connect to the outdoors, learn about the Monadnock Region’s natural history, and engage in meaningful discussion about the environment.

We also offer more than 100 programs and outings for the general public each year, free of charge. Our annual calendar of events is rich and varied, from stargazing to mammal tracking, canoeing to snowshoeing. We invite you to explore the natural world with us!


As a land trust, the Harris Center has directly protected over 21,000 acres in the Monadnock Region for wildlife and people alike. We have also played an integral role in stitching together a 33,000-acre Supersanctuary of clustered protected lands in our focus area, which includes the towns of Antrim, Dublin, Greenfield, Hancock, Harrisville, Nelson, Peterborough, and Stoddard. Conserving open space protects air, soil, and water quality, while providing wildlife with room to roam, helping maintain treasured community character, and deepening our connection to the land.

Conservation Research

We also support conservation research on our lands, and throughout the region, via undergraduate and graduate research and our popular citizen science initiatives.

Whatever the offering, a common theme emerges: respect for the natural world, fostered by dedicated Harris Center naturalists, scientists, and educators, and supported by a membership of people dedicated to conservation in the Monadnock Region.

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Posted on: Friday, December 19, 2014

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