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Newfound Lake Region Association

The Newfound Lake Region Association’s mission is to protect Newfound Lake and its watershed.  The Association – through education, programs and collaboration -promotes conservation and preservation of the region’s natural, social, and economic resources.


Supporting our goals of a healthy watershed and a thriving community.

  • Lake Hosts – Provide courtesy inspections and outreach to prevent invasive plant species (e.g., milfoil) from entering the lake. Our volunteers have repeatedly “saved” the lake from introduction of these species.
  • Weed Watchers – Monitor native and non-native plant species to track near-shore lake health.
  • Lake Monitors – Monitor eight sample sites on the lake in partnership with the University of New Hampshire.
  • Tributary Monitors – Monitor 35 stream locations in 8 subwatersheds of the lake in partnership with the University of New Hampshire.
  • Newfound Youth Conservation Corps – Under the direction or professionals and trained volunteers the Newfound YCC partners with property owners to reduce erosion and stormwater runoff.


Promoting stewardship of the Newfound watershed.

  • Scientific on-site training of local students, campers and the general public.
  • Classroom and field instruction by NLRA staff.
  • Workshops and events concerning the many resources Newfound has to offer.

Community Outreach

Partnering with town boards, nonprofits, and other organizations to develop strategies that benefit the land, water, and people of Newfound.

  • Newfound Land Conservation Partnership
  • Lake-level management presentations
  • Timber harvesting and gravel mining workshops and seminars
  • Local wildlife and habitat exhibits and presentations

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Posted on: Wednesday, February 26, 2020

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