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My Breast Cancer Support

My Breast Cancer Support is an independent NH 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides financial and emotional support to breast cancer patients throughout the Greater Seacoast area of New Hampshire and Southern Maine on their individual paths toward wellness and healing.

Hundreds of women living in the Greater Seacoast area are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. While some have wonderful support systems in place, far too many do not.  And now there are more and more studies being done to assess the effect that distress can have on a patient’s outcome – including one from the Commission on Cancer.

Although research is critical in the fight to end breast cancer, it is our goal to help alleviate some of the day-to-day stress that patients are dealing with – today – so they can focus their energy on getting well.

We do this by providing the following:

Patient Assistance Grants:
Patient Assistant Grants help pay for day-to-day needs that many patients struggle with including groceries, heating fuel, utility bills, rent / mortgage, cleaning, repairs and more.

Hope Chests:
Each cancer center has a Hope Chest filled with gas cards, department store gift cards, restaurant gift certificates and movie passes. These items are given to patients by hospital staff to help them travel back and forth to treatment, to purchase clothes and personal items, and to enjoy a relaxing night out.

Family Support:
Breast cancer affects family members too. We provide books to help children and loved ones to better cope, mentors for kids through a partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and special family outings.

Complimentary Wellness:
When a patient is first diagnosed they receive a New Patient Gift Bag filled with comforting gifts.  We also help them to participate in exercise/health programs and to attend breast cancer conferences and retreats with a focus on wellness.

We will even fulfill a last wish ...

There are a number of accomplishments that we are very proud of:

  • In 2015 we celebrated 10 years of providing support to breast cancer patients.
  • In 2016 we are celebrating 5 years of developing programs that have met the financial and emotional needs of thousands of local breast cancer patients.
  • We have partnered with and have the support of eight cancer centers in the Greater Seacoast area.
  • We celebrated survivorship of local residents through participation in Survivor Days at many of those hospitals.
  • We have funded a number of wellness retreats to help patients to find their new normal after treatment.
  • Support for our events continues to grow including attendees, sponsorships and in kind donations.
  • Just recently our Executive Director – Jennie Halstead – was invited by the Tigerlily Foundation to travel to Washington DC to petition congress for support of the PALS Act (Protecting Access to Life Saving Screening) which protected the rights of women to access free mammograms before age 50.  The Act was passed Dec 18 2015.

We are also very thankful that the support of our local community continues to grow every year as people become aware that we are an independent non-profit organization – with no affiliation to any national organizations – and the money we raise stays right here in our local communities.

To learn more about My Breast Cancer Support, the different ways we help local patients, and ways that you can get involved please contact us any of the following ways:



Phone: 603-759-5640


Posted on: Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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