Member Benefits

Event Discounts

Save up to 50% on seminars and conferences

Members receive 40 - 50% discounts to events hosted by the Center. Events include:

  • Leadership Development Seminars
  • Board Governance Seminars
  • Skill Building Workshops
  • Annual Leadership Summit
  • Executive Peer Forums
  • Critical Issue Forums and Conferences

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Grants Central

Find out about the local funding landscape

Members have unlimited access to Grants Central - our searchable database of funding opportunities. Similar grant databases can charge hundreds of dollars for access.
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Employment Law Hotline

McLane Middleton

Employer and employee relations have become exceedingly sensitive and delicate in today’s legal climate.

Actions that once might have been dismissed as poor judgment or bad timing can now result in million-dollar lawsuits against employers. Managers, boards, and supervisors can no longer afford to make employment-related decisions without first considering the legal ramifications.

The NH Center for Nonprofits Employment Law Hotline aids in preventing members from being ill-prepared for legal actions and claims arising from wrongful termination, age discrimination, racial discrimination, sexual discrimination, and sexual harassment

About the Hotline

The Employment Law Hotline is available as a service to members of the NH Center for Nonprofits. Members have direct access during normal business hours to the Hotline’s attorneys at McLane Middleton.

Qualified Hotline attorneys are available to answer your employment-related questions before you act. The Hotline attorneys will let you know if you are facing a potential liability issue and how best to proceed. They are able to provide sound legal advice on federal and state employment matters including those which involve Title VII, FMLA, ADA, Fair Labor Standards Act, wrongful termination, and age, sex, and race-based discrimination. Just call (603) 628-1426 or e-mail

Is There a Fee?

The Hotline is available at no charge to NH Center for Nonprofits members and will provide up to a half hour of general legal advice per employment issue. McLane Middleton will keep confidential any information which it receives relative to the employment matter.


More than 80% off National Funding Database!

The NH Center for Nonprofits is pleased to offer GrantStation subscriptions as a member benefit at a discount off the regular price to help your organization find local, statewide and national funding opportunities. Learn more and decide if GrantStation would be right for your nonprofit.

What is GrantStation?
GrantStation is an advanced searchable database of more than 7,000 active funding sources and includes grant opportunities from state, private & federal sources, private and corporate foundations, and association and international funding sources. Information provided includes contact information, eligibility, giving levels, scope and focus, areas of interest, application procedures, etc.

See the GrantStation database in action on the "Tours" page on their website.

How long does a GrantStation subscription run?
A subscription lasts for a year. Because the reduced price offer is available only to members of the Center, GrantStation subscriptions MUST run concurrently with your Center membership. When your organization is up for renewal with the Center, your GrantStation subscription will also be up for renewal. The Center will send a renewal invoice each year with your membership renewal so that you can keep your GrantStation subscription current.

Do I have to wait until my renewal date to purchase it?
Your subscription to GrantStation must run concurrent with your membership. You can choose to pay $95 for a partial year if you did not purchase the subscription when you joined or renewed. Contact us at to learn more about adding this benefit to an existing membership.

Not yet a member?
Become a member today to be eligible to purchase GrantStation access at a huge discount. Visit our membership page to learn more about joining.

GrantStation subscriptions can be purchased with new memberships or upon renewal for $95 per year.

What else do we get with GrantStation?
GrantStation subscribers gain access to research tips, proposal building tutorials and “How to” services including:

  • List of questions to ask grant-makers
  • How to write a grant
  • Tips for success, etc.
  • How to Build a Grant Seekers Calendar

How do we add this benefit?
GrantStation is available only to Center members at this special rate. Upon joining or renewing you will have the opportunity to purchase the subscription.

Once we enroll, how long before we can begin to use GrantStation?
The Center will pass your information along to GrantStation and you will receive further instructions to activate your membership directly from GrantStation. This process can take up to two weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions – and who to ask!

I haven’t received my activation notice from GrantStation. What should I do?
Call the Center at 225-1947 and ask for Carrie or Deborah or email We will look into it for you.

The person whose email is on the account left the organization and I can’t access my account!
Any changes to contact information should be reported to the Center. Call us at 225-1947 and ask for Carrie or Deborah or email will work with GrantStation to correct the information as soon as possible.

I can’t remember my password
To retrieve your password or username you need to visit GrantStation and click on the Forgot Your Login link.

I’m having trouble using GrantStation
There are online tutorials for using the site that are quite useful. Visit GrantStation and log in to access all the resources including a tour of the site features and tips on filtering your searches.

If you continue to have problems, you can contact GrantStation directly.
Toll-free: 877-784-7268
Fax: 907-458-7277 or 815-301-8188

The Wages and Benefits Report

The Report on Nonprofit Wages & Benefits is your go-to source for NH nonprofit compensation data. The intent of the report is to provide nonprofit board and staff leaders with a tool which should serve as a launching point for conversations on human resource management, recruitment, retention and satisfaction:

  • How do I put my organization's compensation level in perspective for the IRS and general public?
  • How should I set pay and benefits for new hires?
  • Where can I find objective salary information for my board?

Every 2 years we ask nonprofits to participate in a survey in the spring. The 2020 report based on that survey is now available.

Download a copy of the Executive Summary.

If your nonprofit organization is a member of the Center AND participated in the survey, the individual who completed the survey should have received an email with details about accessing your free copy of the report. Please contact info@nhnonprofits if you have questions about which email address was used.

If your nonprofit organization is not a member of the Center and/or did not participate in the survey, you can order your copy today.


The price for the report is based on two factors

  1. Did you participate in the survey? Not sure? Contact us at and we’ll let you know.
  2. Are you a member of the Center? Not sure? Look for your organization on our member list.

For the first time, the report is available in both print and digital format. Based on your answers to the two questions above and whether you'd like a print or digital copy, click on one of the links below.

Note: Digital access will be granted immediately after your order is approved (see below). Print copies will take several days to reach you depending on the shipping that you choose. Shipping is an additional cost.

To ensure that everyone gets the discounts they are eligible for, we will be reviewing all orders before they are finalized. When you submit your order, we will be notified and will verify your survey participation status and your membership status within 2 business days. If you’ve chosen the correct pricing, your order will be approved and released. Otherwise, we will email you to let you know why your order was not approved.

Report Pricing Member Not-Yet-Member
Participated in the survey









The 2020 report is a joint effort with the Maine Association of Nonprofits and Common Good Vermont.


Both the survey and report are made possible thanks to the generous sponsorship of UST, Northeast Delta Dental, and E & S Insurance



The New Hampshire Nonprofit Sector: IN BRIEF

The data you need at your fingertips

The Center has once again compiled updated statistical information to provide nonprofit leaders, board members, policy makers and business partners with an in-depth overview that they can utilize in ongoing policy-making discussions.

In Brief is required reading for anyone who wants to take their advocacy efforts to the next level or enhance their understanding of the state's complex nonprofit sector. 

Whether you're an executive, board member, advocate or policy maker, the data in In Brief provides a solid foundation for your discussions on the sector. 
Download a copy today! 

We've compiled some ideas on how the report can be used.

Best Practice Guide

One-stop document for effective nonprofit practices

​The Best Practice Guide provides a close look at practices organizations implement to build the capacity needed to achieve its mission.
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