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The Wages and Benefits Report

The Report on Nonprofit Wages & Benefits is your go-to source for NH nonprofit compensation data. The intent of the report is to provide nonprofit board and staff leaders with a tool which should serve as a launching point for conversations on human resource management, recruitment, retention and satisfaction:

  • How do I put my organization's compensation level in perspective for the IRS and general public?
  • How should I set pay and benefits for new hires?
  • Where can I find objective salary information for my board?

Every 2 years we ask nonprofits to participate in a survey in the spring.

The 2018 Report on Nonprofit Wages & Benefits will be available this Fall.

Download a copy of the 2016 Executive Summary.

If you are a member of the Center AND you participated in the survey, your report will be mailed to you.

If you are not a member of the Center or you did not participate in the survey, you can order your copy today.

Report Pricing Member Not-Yet-Member
Participated in the survey $0 $125
Non-participant $125 $250

Libraries with Copies of the Report

Below is a list of public libraries that have copies of the Report available in their reference sections. This list will be updated as more libraries add the report to their catalogs.

The 2016 report is a joint effort with the Maine Association of Nonprofits and Common Good Vermont.

Both the survey and report are made possible thanks to the generous sponsorship of UST, Bangor Payroll, Northeast Delta DentalE & S Insurance, and New England Wealth Advisors.


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