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College for America

Graduate Your Workforce

Graduate your workforce with an applicable college degree program built for working adults—just $2,500 a year per student.

Through your relationship with the NH Center for Nonprofits, your employees have access to College for America (CfA) at Southern New Hampshire University—an accredited, nonprofit college built to help employers develop and promote talent through cost-effective higher education.

★ Build talent and leadership

★ Help employees develop the skills needed for promotion

★ Facilitate engagement and loyalty

Give your employees the change to pursue this unique college that is:

  • Immediately applicable to their work
    Competency-based and project-based degrees are engineered to be directly applicable in the workplace.
  • Cost-effective
    An extraordinarily low price of $2,500 a year makes college affordable for every non-degreed and frontline employee; usually within existing tuition assistance program budgets.
  • Built to fit in busy lives
    Flexible, self-paced projects fit around employees’ job and family responsibilities, so they can stay engaged and advance quickly through subjects they already know.

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College for America

Have questions?

Contact Account Manager Sarah Normand at or (603) 314-7621.

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