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Community Partnerships Coordinator

Manchester Proud

Manchester Proud is seeking to hire a Community Partnerships Coordinator to manage its new School-Community Partnership Network and co-manage the broader work of Manchester Proud with its volunteer Coordinator. Through fundraising efforts, this position is now fully funded for three years and is expected to be extended thereafter.
Manchester Proud is a NH Nonprofit and city-wide movement to raise Manchester’s public schools to greater “Excellence and Equity”. It is driven by the beliefs that our public schools are an essential community asset and that great schools are best achieved through community engagement and partnerships. Manchester Proud is governed by its Champion’s Council of 24 community representatives, including Manchester School District leaders and teachers. It is managed day-to-day by a volunteer Coordinator designated by the Council.

The role of the Champion’s Council is to provide oversight of Manchester Proud’s mission, ensure purpose and alignment of all Manchester Proud activities, and exercise fiduciary responsibilities. The work of Manchester Proud is generally performed by volunteer Work Groups designated by the Champion’s Council. Currently these include: Fundraising, Membership, Communications, Equity, Strategic Plan Dashboard, and School-Community Partnerships Network. Each Work Group selects a Facilitator to assist Manchester Proud’s Coordinator with the management of the Group.

Although the new Community Partnerships Coordinator will be an employee of Manchester Proud and will report to the Champion’s Council, the Community Partnerships Coordinator will be located in the Manchester School District’s (MSD) administrative headquarters to ensure alignment between the work of Manchester Proud and the District. Payroll and benefits services will be administered by Manchester Proud’s Fiscal Agent, Granite United Way.

Salary/Range: $55-60,000, plus benefits: Health Insurance (90% employee, 50% dependents); Life Insurance; Long Term Disability Insurance; 403B; Flexible Spending Account; Paid Time Off
Reports To: Champion’s Council


• Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Communications, Nonprofit Management, Education, Liberal Arts, Psychology, Sociology, or related subject from an accredited college or university. Master’s degree, while not required, is an acceptable replacement for (some) years of work experience
• Valid driver’s license and availability of private transportation necessary

Work Experience:
• Minimum of five years working in a community nonprofit, social service agency, school, or business in a position that requires inter-organizational collaboration and community engagement
• Proven ability to engage a diversity of collaborators to build capacity and consensus

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
• Highly committed, self-starter who can thrive in a role without constant supervision
• Ability to effectively manage and achieve multiple goals and projects
• Demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion
• Versatile communicator, with strong presentation and writing skills, able to meaningfully engage a wide variety of stakeholders to drive progress
• Experience using and maintaining digital tools on both mobile and desktop
• Skilled at using data to drive critical conversations and continuous improvement

Preferred Characteristics:
• Experience building and maintaining effective relationships with Manchester area organizations, businesses, and schools
• Prior experience working with youth and implementing youth programming
• Prior experience working with families of color in diverse settings
• Prior experience working with families from different income levels, gender and sexual identities, ability/disability statuses, language fluencies, and mental health needs
• Bilingual or multilingual with preference given to Spanish, Arabic, Swahili, Vietnamese, Nepali, Bosnian, French, Mai Mai, and Portuguese

Physical Abilities and Working Conditions:
The following physical abilities and other conditions of employment are representative, but are not intended to be an exhaustive list of abilities and conditions, which may be required for this position. Manchester Proud encourages persons with disabilities, who are interested in employment for this position and need reasonable accommodation of those disabilities, to contact Manchester Proud for further information.

Vision: (Which may be corrected) to read small print; view a computer screen for prolonged periods
Hearing: (Which may be corrected) to answer telephones and tolerate exposure to noisy conditions
Speech: To be understood in face-to-face communications; to speak with a level of proficiency and volume to be understood over a telephone

Upper Body Mobility: Use hands and fingers to feel, grasp, and manipulate small objects; manipulate fingers, twist and bend at wrist and elbow; extend arms to reach outward and upward; use hands and arms to lift objects; turn, raise, and lower head
Strength: To lift, push, pull and/or carry objects which weigh as much as 15 or more pounds on a frequent basis
Environmental Requirements: Encounter frequent work interruptions; work cooperatively with others; work independently; work indoors
Mental Requirements: Read, write, understand, interpret and apply information at a moderately complex level essential for successful job performance; math skills at a high school proficiency level; judgement and the ability to process information quickly; learn quickly and follow verbal procedures and standards; give verbal instruction; rank tasks in order of importance; copy, compare, compile and coordinate information and records
Additional Work Conditions & Physical Abilities: Will require travel to multiple sites

• Evaluation of this position shall be by Manchester Proud’s Champion’s Council


Specific Core Functions:

The Community Partnerships Coordinator’s work will have two primary functions: Management of the new School-Community Partnership Network (approximately 2/3 of time) and co-management of the overall work of Manchester Proud in collaboration with Manchester Proud’s volunteer Coordinator (approximately 1/3 of time). The position’s Essential Duties/Responsibilities are generally described and categorized as follows:

Manchester Proud:

  • Advocate for Manchester’s public schools and the implementation of “Our Community’s Plan for Manchester’s Future of Learning: Excellence and Equity for ALL Learners” with purpose and passion, understanding that this position is in large measure the “face and voice” of Manchester Proud
  • Collaborate with Manchester Proud’s volunteer Coordinator to manage the day-to-day operations of the community movement.
  • Advise Council regarding state of the work and potential strategic initiatives, securing the Council’s guidance and approval of ongoing and proposed activities
  • Prepare Council meeting agendas and progress reports
  • Coordinate the work, schedules, meetings, and budgets of various Work Groups
  • Coordinate Manchester Proud’s overall budget with Council Treasurer (Granite United Way serves as Manchester Proud’s Fiscal Agent)
  • Collaborate with the Greater Manchester Chamber and School District’s Director of Communications to keep the community informed, share successes of MSD, and promote the work of Manchester Proud
  • Maintain and build Manchester Proud’s established collaborative working relationships with School District’s leaders, board, and teachers
  • Coordinate with MSD’s Chief Equity Officer to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are prioritized throughout all of Manchester Proud’s work
  • Facilitate respectful, productive conversations that inform and guide the work across the various Work Groups of Manchester Proud
  • Continue to promote and grow Manchester Proud’s movement and culture of community engagement in our schools

School-Community Partnership Network:

  • Manage the day-to-day operations of the S-CPN:
  • Advise Partnership Network Work Group (PNWG, the Network’s “Advisory Board”) regarding state of the work and potential strategic partnerships, highlighting performance and best practices
  • Prepare PNWG meeting agendas and progress reports
  • Collaborate with MSD leadership to assess student and school needs, enabling PNWG to match partnerships to priorities
  • Serve as point of contact for current and prospective partner’s questions regarding partnership creation and management
  • Interface with community to identify new partnerships and cultivate a broad, diverse portfolio of community partnerships to effectively serve the needs of students, families, and schools and advance the PNWG’s strategic initiatives
  • Guide prospective partners through an efficient vetting process that ultimately leads to informed decisions regarding their inclusion as Network partners by the PNWG
  • Ensure partnerships prioritize financially sustainably and research informed solutions whenever feasible
  • Communicate partnerships and related resources, offerings, and outcomes to all MSD stakeholders
  • Assist the PNWG in the ongoing assessment, alignment, and advancement of existing partnerships, to maintain high quality and equitable distribution of resources, including organization of partner training sessions
  • Maintain and regularly update the Network’s Community Portal to keep current, accurate, and relevant
  • Assist the PNWG
How to Apply:

Interested candidates please submit letters of interest and resumes to Manchester Proud by emailing to


Salary Range:


Date Added: May 26, 2021

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