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John Gilbert

Synchrony Advisors, LLC
Phone: 603-219-6538

Synchrony Advisors helps for-profit and non-profit leaders gain an objective view beyond the day-to-day challenges, so that they can identify and implement changes to improved practices and operations.  To find operational misalignments with strategic goals, Synchrony asks really good questions to help leaders re‑orient and re-align operating practices and systems with strategic goals and customer needs.  Whether to address existing problems or to grow to the next level, Synchrony is able to help leaders gain a deeper insight into the dynamics of their business models and implementing systems.  The focus is entirely on helping the organization to uncover pathways and solutions that are internally consistent and authentic, ensuring long-term sustainability of changed practices and systems.

Synchrony's approach is founded upon the direct, practical experience of its team in building and growing companies, in the course of which instincts were honed for identifying the operating systems and elements requiring attunement.  Synchrony starts with a systematic overview of:

  • financial and operating systems and conditions,
  • organizational goals and objectives in the context of those conditions, and
  • conditions hindering attainment of stated goals and objectives.

Based upon the information obtained, Synchrony assists its clients in uncovering pathways to surmounting limiting conditions or, alternatively, accommodating established goals and objectives to the organization's reality.  To support meaningful change, Synchrony facilitates strategic planning efforts, assist in identifying options for overcoming action plan hurdles, complete financial projections and analyses, and identify needs and resources for specialized expertise.

Since its founding, Synchrony has worked with business‑to‑business and business‑to‑customer organizations in both the for‑profit and non‑profit sectors.  We have noted considerable similarities in the issues facing both sectors in terms of the need to grow revenues, creeping expenses, and, particularly, the high intensity daily demands that make it hard for leaders to step back and thoroughly evaluate operational alignment with customer‑driven goals and objectives.  A sample of Synchrony’s cases can be provided upon request.

Specialties: Board Governance/Development, Executive Transition, Executive - Interim Directorship, Executive - Succession/Transition Planning, HR - Executive Coaching, HR - Facilitation/mediation, Organizational Planning/Development, Organizational Planning - Collaboration/Mergers, Organizational Planning - Mission & Vision Planning, Organizational Planning - Organizational Assessment, Program Planning - Evaluation & Measurement, Strategic/Business Plan Development


CATCH Neighborhood Housing, Inc.
Rosemary Heard - President/CEO
79 South State Street
Concord , NH 03301
603-225-8835 Ext. 126

Assisted CATCH in design of strategic planning process including concept of using a Board Task Force to prepare the process and materials for the full board.  Selected materials to be included in background context package.  Facilitated meetings of Task Force over a 1-year period.  Based upon work of Task Force, assisted CATCH in design of a one-day strategic planning retreat involving both the Board and key stakeholders in the work of the organization including representatives of residents, the City of Concord, funders, and donors.  Synchrony summarized the retreat deliberations and findings and drafted a strategic plan for CATCH based upon retreat findings. Presented the draft Strategic Plan to the Board for comments and adoption.  Recently retained by CATCH to assist in revisiting the Strategic Plan and developing the next phase of strategy.

Tri-County Community Action Program Inc.
Todd Fahey, Esq. - Special Trustee
Orr & Reno, P.A., 1 Eagle Square
Concord , NH 03301

Retained by Special Trustee to review financial management practices and operations in weatherization, fuel assistance, transit, elder services, Head Start, domestic violence, alcohol and other drugs treatment programs.  Identified major issues in financial management due to lack of communication between central finance office and division managers.  Transitioned organization from managing revenue on a cash basis and expenses on an accrual basis to a common accrual basis.  Implemented cash management and forecasting practices to enable better management of accounts payable and receivable. Analyzed state contracting and payment procedures to allow better management of program work and invoicing to reduce cash outlays in advance of reimbursement. Discussed program funding dynamics with state officials to seek adjustments of both practices and reimbursement rates.  Trained program managers in budgeting, invoicing, and receivables management to improve cash flow.  Participated in briefing state officials and legislators regarding the status of Tri-County CAP, steps taken to improve operations and financial management, and capital investment required to stabilize the agency.  In consultation with program managers and staff, identified changes to operational practices designed to increase efficiency and effectiveness of resource application.  Assisted staff in implementing changes and measuring the effect of the changes to support further adjustments.  Participated in interview and selection process for new Executive Director of organization.

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