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Joanna Bramer

Lighthouse Advisory, LLC
32 Partridge Hill Road
Newfields, NH 03856
Phone: 571-643-8781

You know your business has great potential but how do you get there? Should you expand your space, upgrade your systems, hire salespeople, increase inventory? Maybe you have a vision of what you’d like to do next but aren’t sure how to implement it, or even if you can afford it. 


At Lighthouse Advisory we provide strategic, results-driven counsel to our small business clients. Whether you’re a ‘solopreneur’ or running a company of hundreds, we can help you reach your business objectives and achieve your full potential. 

Lighthouse Advisory can help your small business:

  • Create a roadmap for future success through strategic planning and financial analysis.

  • Increase cash flow and profitability by optimizing operational processes.

  • Evaluate accounting systems and launch new technology.

  • Maximize product/service offerings to ensure your customers are satisfied and your company financials are sound. 

Specialties: Financial Management, Organizational Planning - Mission & Vision Planning, Strategic/Business Plan Development


Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce
Jen Wheeler - President
120 Water Street, Suite B
Exeter , NH 03833

I am currently serving my second year on the Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors as well as my first full term as Treasurer. Through my tenure on the Board, I have undertaken an effort to educate the full Board of Directors on the Chamber's financial position. I have organized a digestible monthly presentation of financial information, to include the Chamber’s cash flow, income (by total, line of business, and membership), spending, and net income. I’ve also included in this presentation projections for each of the prior sub-sections using a blend of the current year budget as well as previous years historical trend data. The presentation of this information in this way has helped each Director to better understand the financial health of the organization and to fulfill their responsibilities as Directors in stewarding and overseeing the finances of the organization.

Additionally, I undertook an effort to standardize processes for the Chamber by developing standard policies. Personally, I wrote policies to govern the development and funding of a Reserve Fund for the Chamber and to formalize a Staff Incentive Award policy. The development and implementation of these policies was critical in securing the longevity of the organization and showing the staff the Board’s commitment to both that and the recognition of their efforts through their annual incentive awards.

Victoria's Victory Foundation
Susan Stover - CEO - Executive Director
20 Portsmouth Avenue
Stratham , NH 03885

Through my network, I was introduced to Victoria’s Victory Foundation (VVF) as they were searching for a Treasurer. Though my current obligations did not allow me to take on the role, I have taken on a pro bono relationship with the organization to help tide them over until they are able to find a Treasurer. Much like my support of the Chamber, I developed and organized easily read financial information in chart form that could be presented to the VVF Board to enable them to fulfill their obligations to oversee the finances of the organization. I reviewed all financial reports of VVF through its inception to develop projections for their cash flows, fundraising and other income, budgeting, spending, and Victory Scholarship awards. I have spent time meeting with the organization to help them review anomalies in their financial system, walking them through the solutions and how to address corrections in the way transactions are booked moving forward. I continue to make myself available to their team to assist in Board financial presentation preparation and financial system support as their Treasurer search continues.

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