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Alison Yoder

Wright Collective
1304 Douglas Ave
North Providence, RI 02904
Phone: 401-563-7798

Our organization, Wright Collective, strives to be more than a company - we are a community.

As experienced fundraisers and philanthropic advisors, we work intentionally to bring all stakeholders together to created trust-based, long-term partnerships. In our core curriculum, we challenge our sector to evolve and support nonprofit professionals, movement leaders, and philanthropists of all kinds. We believe it's time to embrace abundance and drive social change.

In this collective, we support each other. Our goal and purpose is to create systems and structures that bring significant resources to your mission while also allowing you to feel joy and community in the process. Philanthropy is not just about money, it’s about mobilizing resources of all kinds to create a more just world for all.

My role as an associate consultant of Wright Collective is providing our clients with a variety of support around their varies deveopment needs through coaching, analysis, and managing different fundraising aspect once we have created a strategic action plan.

My journey to working full time as a fundraising consultant was a lengthy one with many twists and turns, which first began from a place of passion: dancing. As a young modern dance student, I wrote my first grant proposal while trying to secure funds for my university’s community dance company. From there, the roller-coaster ride continued when I landed in the San Francisco Bay Area and worked with a consulting firm for performing arts organizations, a restorative justice program for youth, a children’s legal aid organization, and a free health clinic - experiences that broadened my scope and skills from grant writer to development associate to special events manager.

Moving back to the Boston area in 2013, I tried on a brand new hat as a contracted consultant for nonprofits and loved how it fit. I initially worked with the American Red Cross of MA, The Philanthropy Connection in Cambridge, and Legal Services for Children in San Francisco. When I finally met Alyssa through the women’s collective giving group, The Philanthropy Connection, all the experiences came together complementing each other and allowed me to be exactly where I needed to be, at Wright Collective. I am calculated, patient, highly analytical, and a great listener, which feeds me as a development and grants consultant for go-to strategy and planning.

Specialties: Fundraising/Fund Development, Fundraising - Capital Campaigns, Fundraising - Events Planning, Fundraising - Feasibility Studies, Fundraising - Major Gifts/Planned Giving, Grant Writing


Neighborhood Birth Center
Nashira Baril - Project Director
PO Box 301240
Boston , MA 02130
(781) 696-4961

Campaign, development operations, and grants support.

Through The Trees
Marcia Griffin - Executive Director
2 Griffin Rd.
Freeport , ME 04032
(207) 712-4625

Special events, development operations, and grants support.

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