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Katharine Terrie

Katharine F Terrie Development Strategies
Phone: 603-444-1379

Since my retirement from full-time employment as the Director of Development at the North Country Health Consortium in 2010, I have served as a contract grant writer and development planner to North Country clients with a focus on researching funding sources and private and public sector grant writing.  The main focus of my work is with clients in the fields of rural health care and social services but have also worked with clients in other fields as may be seen from by client list below. I am particularly well versed in developing needs assessments that prove the need for the anticipated project.  I am also adept at developing work plans and writing or reviewing other components of submissions.   I am also skilled in understanding the ramifications of developing and submitting federal grant applications through the electronic portal. I bring the same expertise to grant application development for state and private sector funding sources as well.

Clients include:

North Country Health Consortium, Littleton, NH
Family Resource Center, Gorham, NH
NH Community Development Finance Authority, Concord, NH
White Mountains Community College, Berlin, NH
Friends of Grafton County Drug Court, Haverhill, NH
North Country Home Health and Hospice Agency, Littleton, NH
Headrest, Inc., Lebanon, NH
Children Unlimited, Conway, NH
US DHHS, Health Resources and Services Administration (grant reviewer)
Tri-County CAP, Berlin, NH
North Country Chamber Players, Franconia, NH
Meredith Library Fund, Meredith, NH

Specialties: Board Governance/Development, Communications - Planning, Fundraising - Events Planning, Organizational Planning/Development, Organizational Planning - Mission & Vision Planning, Program Planning and Evaluation, Program Planning - Program Development, Strategic/Business Plan Development


North Country Health Consortium
Nancy Frank - Former CEO
80 McKinley Drive
Barnet , VT 05821


The North Country Health Consortium (NCHC) is a mature, vertical network of rural health and human service providers that has been developing and implementing collaborative initiatives to improve access to health care for the rural population of Northern New Hampshire since 1997.

I have served on the Consortium's grant writing team for the past 20 years; first as the NCHC’s Director of Development, working with Executive Director, Martha McLeod. I retired from full-time employment in 2010 and began working as a contractor for Nancy Frank who assumed the position of Consortium CEO in 2011.  As part of the grant writing team, my expertise centers on developing projects which respond to requests for proposals (RFPs) from both private and public sector funding sources.  I am a skilled technical writer with almost 40 years of experience in addressing the health and social service needs of rural populations. The Consortium is a grant funded organization and has been successful in receiving grant awards worth millions of dollars since its inception. My contributions to the grant writing process are, in part, responsible for these successful awards.

For the last ten years, I have worked closely with Ms. Frank on the development of grant applications, in particular Health Resource and Services Administration, US DHHS, applications as well as other federal, state and private sector submissions, most of which were funded. Ms. Frank retired from her position and NCHC’s CEO in 2020.

Martha S. McLeod Consultant
Martha S. McLeod - Owner
236 Wells Road
Franconia , NH 03580


As stated above, I served as Director of Development at the North Country Health Consortium, from 2000 until 2010.  During this time, Ms. McLeod was the Consortium's Executive Director.  She and I worked closely on public and private grant application submissions.  I also served on the Consortium's Management Committee and with other NCHC staff developed the Molar Express, a public health mobile dental health clinic with initial funding from the state Medicaid program and the Endowment for Health. The Molar Express is still active today and has served thousands of North Country school children.  I was also instrumental in creating and securing funding for North Country Cares, a care coordination initiative developed by NCHC and funded by New Hampshire's Endowment for Health.

When Ms. McLeod retired from the Consortium in 2010, I began working with her on various projects through Ms. McLeod's consulting business including the Alliance for Healthy Aging and the New Hampshire School Funding Fairness Project.  I wrote and edited documents relating to both of these projects in 2019 as well as other projects during the last ten years.

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