Consultants Resource Bank

Caroline Lavoie

Concord Analytics, LLC
Phone: 585-738-4709

At my company, Concord Analytics, LLC, we provide data services including analytics, visualization, and project management. We combine these three skills to take information and generate meaningful insight. As a flexible and dynamic company, we adapt to the unique needs of our clients and deliver recommendations that lead toward success. 

Specialties: Technology, Technology - Assessment & Planning, Technology - Programming/Database Development


Equality Health Center
Dalia Vidunas - Executive Director
38 South Main St.
Concord , NH 03301

Oversee IT needs; Transitioned the organization to Microsoft Office365.

St. Joseph's Neighborhood Center
David Pinto - Director of Health Care Technologies
417 South Avenue
Rochester , NY 14620

Transitioned the organization to Electronic Health Record; report creation and maintenance 

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