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Kevin O'Leary

Kevin O'Leary, LLC
75 Parkside Road
New London, NH 03257
Phone: 508-509-7343

Kevin O’Leary provides external investigations, training and consulting services to organizations and institutions.   From 1989 until 2002, Kevin was an associate and then a partner in the Labor, Employment and Benefits group at Cummings and Lockwood, a full-service law firm based in Connecticut.  Kevin spent the next 15 years as Associate General Counsel at Dartmouth College, where he was the attorney principally responsible for responding to employment related issues involving the faculty and the staff.  He also focused on student affairs matters. Since 2018, Kevin has conducted over twenty investigations in response to reports of workplace misconduct, including sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination. 

Kevin’s practice has always included investigative work of some form, whether it was helping his clients determine the facts necessary to respond to an internal or an external complaint, or helping Dartmouth respond to a concern raised by or about an employee, including faculty members and coaches, or a concern raised by or about a student.   Over the course of Kevin’s legal career, the concepts of sexual harassment in the workplace, hostile work environments, workplace bullying, and sexual assault as a form of sex discrimination have become a major source of concern for organizations of all sizes.  The #metoo movement has renewed the focus on an organization’s obligation to properly respond to allegations of illegal and/or inappropriate conduct, particularly by leadership.  The cases at the center of the #metoo movement often illustrate the critical role external investigations could have had:  An effective investigation allows an organization to promptly and effectively respond to the credible allegations and defend itself from allegations proven to be not credible.   Kevin now focuses his work on conducting investigations and providing training to allow organizations to effectively respond to allegations of misconduct and proactively train its staff to avoid these behaviors.

Kevin’s clientele included family-owned businesses, publicly traded companies, and an Ivy League institution.  At Dartmouth, Kevin was the in-house attorney responsible for responding to employment related matters, including allegations of misconduct.  In addition, he was an important part of the team that responded to reports of sexual misconduct, including assault, involving students as the reporting and responding parties.   Throughout his career Kevin has been involved in preparing for litigation, in state and federal courts, before administrative agencies and before arbitrators.  This work has helped Kevin understand how to conduct a thorough, credible investigation that leadership can rely on to respond to complaints about conduct.  Kevin has used this understanding to conduct and supervise several high-stakes investigations, producing effective, reliable results.

Kevin is also an experienced trainer in one-on-one and group settings.  He understands how to combine legal requirements, good organizational practices and humor to engage his audience and deliver a well-received training program.  Kevin began providing sexual harassment prevention training to his private practice clients in the early 1990’s in response to a mandate from the Connecticut Legislature.  When Kevin left private practice to join the Dartmouth General Counsel’s office in 2002, the clients who he a trained had an impressive record of avoiding sexual harassment in their workplaces and responding to allegations in an effective way.  Kevin led training at Dartmouth on a variety of topics, including providing an employment law primer as part of Dartmouth’s management training program and Title IX compliance training. 

Specialties: Communications - Public Relations, Human Resources, HR - Conflict Resolution, HR - Executive Coaching, HR - Facilitation/mediation


Northeast Catholic College
Mazel Belt - Dean of Students
511 Kearsarge Mountain Road
Warner , NH 03278

I provided Title IX compliance training for the senior leadership of Northeast Catholic College, in consultation with Mazel Belt, the new Dean of Students at NCC. 

Kathy Peahl - Outside Legal Counsel
Wadleigh Starr and Peters, 95 Market Street
Manchester , NH 03101
603 206 7229

I conducted an investigation into an allegation of sexual harassment against the senior staff member of a school district that Kathy represents.  I interviewed the reporting person and the accused.  I drafted a report for the organization's board and submitted my findings. 

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