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Excellence in Governance Certificate Program: Session 1

In partnership with Saint Anselm College Ethics in Governance: Stewardship and Investor Education Forum

Excellence in Governance Certificate Program

Nonprofit boards have many roles to play as stewards of the organization, but none is more important than assuring ethical behavior and providing sound fiscal oversight. Join us for this three-part certificate program as we explore real-life applications of ethics and best practices in the nonprofit boardroom. Perfect for new board members or experienced board leaders wanting to brush up on new approaches.

Facilitated by: Mary Ellen Jackson, Consultant, Mary Ellen Jackson Consulting

Virtual Series

Session 1: Skillful, Ethical Governance: Core to Your Board’s Success

In this session, we will explore the building blocks of skillful and ethical governance practices and strategies for ensuring your nonprofit builds a culture of trust and transparency. We will cover ways in which you can facilitate your board’s understanding of the laws governing nonprofits and deepen their understanding of their roles in the boardroom and as committee members. We will also look at ways to re-vamp the quality of board meetings and deepen the engagement of your board. The session will include:

  • elevating your board to engage in high-level leadership roles
  • facilitating the success of your board in their 4 realms of responsibility: governance, accountability, fiduciary, and strategic
  • cultivating a healthy Board – Executive Director relationship
  • real-world examples of how ethical and strategic governance can lead to success (and how their absence can lead to failure)

Other Sessions in the Series

Registration includes all 3 sessions. Session recordings will be available to registrants. 




Date/Time: Wednesday, May 19, 2021 - 10:00am to 11:30 am
Fees: Series: $25 for 3 sessions

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