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Strategic Storytelling for Good

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Storytelling may be an art, but there is ample science to explain why storytelling is so powerful, and how humans are wired to see the world through stories. In this morning-long workshop sponsored by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits, participants will learn the science of storytelling and examine research that explains why storytelling is the most effective way to motivate audiences to take action. You will learn the basics of compelling storytelling, plan and execute a storytelling strategy, and get tips on repurposing content and writing story-based content for different media – including how to write a powerful, succinct story about the work of your organization.

Strategic Storytelling For Good incorporates the tools, resources and strategies from the Communications Network’s Storytelling for Good online platform and is designed to help you make your nonprofit a storytelling organization.

The workshop will be led by Hattaway Communications, the original architects of Storytelling for Good.


In our half-day workshops, we’ll provide participants with tools, resources, and case studies necessary to understand how to become a storytelling organization. They will discover the brain science that makes storytelling a powerful tool for communication and learn how to apply narrative techniques to their own work.


Introduction to Storytelling (1 hour)

Participants will learn the science of storytelling, which explains how storytelling uniquely activates and engages the human brain. We’ll explore how this process primes people to be motivated and mobilized to take action for various causes and issues. We will also introduce them to the core communication and storytelling methodologies that guide our work with clients, including Aspirational Communication, Jargon Busting, and Winning Words.

Narrative & Story Development (1.5 hours)

In this section we will cover narrative—the key ideas about an organization or issue—and Strategic Stories that reflect those big ideas. Participants will be introduced to the Narrative Framework, a tool to develop language that
frames conversations, content, and storytelling. They will also learn about the Social Impact Story Map, a guide for developing a story based on tried-and-true story structure principles.

Through select exercises, participants will have the opportunity to draft core elements of their organization’s narrative and a Strategic Story, focusing on the people affected and how the solutions offered by their organization can help those people achieve their goals. Feedback will be provided as time allows.

Content Strategy (1 hour)

During the final section of the workshop, we will discuss practical ideas for connecting story content to larger organizational and programmatic goals, explore a framework for planning and distributing content based on practices from Hollywood and digital media, and discuss how to create meaningful metrics to guide evaluation.

Who should attend: Nonprofit professionals tasked with telling their organization’s story. Not limited to communications and development professionals – nonprofit leaders and board members also encouraged to attend.

About Hattaway Communications
Hattaway Communications, Inc., is a strategic communications firm with a mission: to help visionary leaders and organizations achieve ambitious goals that benefit people and the planet. Our approach draws on insights, tools and techniques from social and cognitive psychology, consumer marketing and political communications. It’s a powerful combination of strategy, art and science designed to create content and campaigns that inspire and engage people.

Thanks to the support of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, this workshop is offered at a low cost to registrants. 

If cost is a barrier, you can Apply for a Scholarship

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Date/Time: Thursday, October 31, 2019 - 9:00am to 12:30 pm
Location: Common Man Inn , Plymouth
Fees: Single Registrant - $45; Additional Registrant from your organization - $25

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