Pathways of Support to Position Your Organization for Sustainability

Overview of the different pathways of support.Nonprofits across all mission areas and budget sizes have been forced to respond to the pandemic rapidly while holding true to their values. Our world won’t return to “normal” tomorrow and now is the time to act to secure your organization’s future. Use this moment as an opportunity to reimagine your nonprofit organization and to make the necessary – yet oftentimes difficult – decisions to strengthen long-term sustainability. Whether your organization needs a sounding board to talk through challenges or to discuss your operating model and strategy, you can plan for a new future in an inclusive manner that ensures all voices—constituents, staff, and board—are heard to strengthen your organization’s impact and sustainability.

We can help you take the next step with capacity-building pathways that offer guided resources. After a short questionnaire to understand your organization’s capacity and strategic challenges, we will work with you to identify the most effective approach—coaching, resource sharing, or a hands-on cohort—to help you.

To be a part of this process and strengthen your organization in response to COVID, complete the brief questionnaire. Please note that capacity is limited and we urge you to complete the questionnaire as soon as possible.

Take the Questionnaire

We are no longer accepting new questionnaire responses. If you have questions or need support, please Stephen Donahue at

Reimagining Strategy Cohort

Overview of the reimagining strategy cohort pathway.Facilitated by national experts at Spectrum Nonprofit Services, the Reimagining Strategy cohort is an intensive process designed for teams of 3 to 5—including board members—from each organization. Throughout the cohort, teams will participate in a series of 1½- to 2-hour-long online training sessions and complete work between sessions.

The cohort consists of three phases: Understanding Your Foundation, Strategy Development, and Prioritizing and Adapting.

  1. During the Understanding Your Foundation phase, all teams will examine their organization, the environment it operates in, and develop a foundation for later phases.
  2. During the Strategy Development phase, the cohort will be split into three groups for a deeper dive into different strategic areas, based on needs.
  3. During the Prioritizing and Adapting phase, the cohort will reconvene to discuss prioritization, telling their organization's story, and to share what they've learned.

At the end of the cohort, teams will have a prioritized strategy for how to move forward and a better understanding of their organization, two tools that are invaluable in these challenging times.

Additional details about the cohort, including the schedule, will be shared with organizations after reviewing their questionnaire. Organizations that are unable to participate in the cohort because of the time commitment required or because of limited capacity will be offered the opportunity to participate in one of the other pathways of support. There will be a modest fee to participate in the cohort but, if cost is the only barrier to your participation, we will work with you.

Take the Questionnaire

We are no longer accepting new questionnaire responses. If you have questions or need support, please Stephen Donahue at

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