Aligning Fiscal Performance with Mission Impact

Today, nonprofit leaders are deeply challenged by an array of complex, changing, urgent pressures that demand faster, smarter decisions than ever before.

Success cannot be driven—or measured—by long-term, detailed plans and whether those plans were carried out as written. Instead, community nonprofits sail in stormy seas where changing conditions mean a new route must be plotted every day.

And on board these tossing ships is precious cargo: the lives of people in our communitis, and the spirits and hearts of communities themselves.

—Nonprofit Sustainability: Making Strategic Decisions for Financial Viability

Consultant Opportunity

The Center is seeking 4 consultants to participate in the train-the-trainer component of the Nonprofit Sustainability Institute as local facilitators. Benefit from coaching with Steve Zimmerman—nationally recognized nonprofit consultant and co-author of The Sustainability Mindset: Using the Matrix Map to Make Strategic Decisions—and be a part of making this program sustainable in NH.

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Based on the theories and teachings of The Sustainability Mindset, this highly interactive and practical program offers staff and board leaders an opportunity to move the needle toward sustainability for their organizations.

Using the Matrix Map tool throughout this 6-month program, participants will identify the current challenges and opportunities facing their business models. Then, with expert advice and coaching from Steve Zimmerman—nationally recognized nonprofit consultant and co-author of The Sustainability Mindset—as well as local nonprofit consultants, participants will outline immediate decisions and next steps needed to strengthen their organizations.

At the conclusion of this educational series, organizations will leave with a clear process and tool for thinking about their dual bottom lines—financial viability and mission impact—in a holistic way. The financial analysis and language co-created around their programs’ impact will live on past the creation of the Matrix Map and this program. This will, in turn, lead to ongoing critical programming decisions—maximizing financial and human resources to sustain their organization and its impact.

This hands-on program is designed for organizations to participate as a team. The team should consists of up to 4 members: the executive director/CEO (mandatory) and 1-3 other senior-level staff and/or board members who are active in your financial and programmatic decision-making.

Participants will define sustainability for their organizations, identify the current challenges and opportunities facing their business models, and outline important decisions needed to strengthen their organization’s sustainability. Participants will receive coaching and support during the 6-month program while using the Matrix Map template in the book.

About the Matrix Map

The Matrix Map is a visual tool that plots all of the organization’s activities—not just its programs—into a single, compelling image. By illustrating the organization’s business model—through a depiction of all activities and the financial and mission impact of each one—it supports genuinely strategic discussions.

About the Sessions

Split into a series of webinars, in-person workshops, and phone coaching sessions, the six-month program will take participating organizations through processes to:

  • Develop a clearer understanding of their own dual bottom line - financial viability and mission impact
  • Identify strategic imperatives for sustainability
  • Receive professional advice and coaching to bring innovation and change to your nonprofit
  • Offer an opportunity for advanced leadership development to board and staff
  • Build capacity to fulfill your mission


Event Title Date, Time, and Location Event Description
Kick Off to Sustainability Webinar
January 10
11:00 AM–12:30 PM
  • Sustainability and business models
  • Defining programs
  • Identification of strategic issues
The Matrix Map Process Workshop
January 31
9:00 AM–4:00 PM
  • Matrix Map process
  • Articulating intended impact
  • Mission impact criteria
  • Sample mission impact survey
  • Program overview sheet
  • Profitability overview
Questions and Challenges Webinar
March 7
11:00 AM–12:30 PM
  • Questions and challenges that have come up in homework
Revenue and Markets Webinar
March 28
11:00 AM–12:30 PM
  • Analyzing revenue streams and trends
  • Assessing your competitive market
Key Messages of the Matrix Map Workshop
May 2
9:00 AM–4:00 PM
  • Distribution and review of Matrix Map
  • Key messages from the map, revenue stream, and market analysis
  • Create a business model statement
  • Program-level inquiries and program strategy
Organizational Priorities Webinar
May 16
11:00 AM–12:30 PM
  • Combining program and organizational priorities
  • Creating an action plan
  • Review of strategy model
Peer Learning Webinar
June 13
11:00 AM–12:30 PM

In order to provide a highly interactive program, enrollment for this clinic is limited to fifteen teams. These teams will be selected through an application process based on the readiness of the organization to participate in this advanced-level training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fee: $750 for members, $1,500 for not-yet-members
  • Application Deadline: 5:00 PM on December 4. Applicants will be notified of acceptance on or before December 18.
  • Location: All in-person workshops will be held in Central NH (Concord / Manchester)

Benefits of Participation

  • Leverage the energy and skills of motivated leaders
  • Innovate and model change in your nonprofit
  • Receive professional advice and coaching to shift your nonprofit’s mindset about long-term sustainability
  • Offer an opportunity for advanced leadership development to board and staff
  • Build capacity to fulfill your mission


This cohort of the Nonprofit Sustainability Institute has been generously supported by the Samuel P. Hunt Foundation.

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