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November 30, 2021


The NH Center for Nonprofits is seeking proposals for workshops to be presented at its NH Nonprofit Conference & Expo to be held on May 26, 2022.  This is a competitive process, and we will select workshops that comprise a balanced program. Please read this RFP thoroughly as it provides important information and instructions for your workshop proposal. The Conference Workshop FAQ provides additional details on the conference and the workshop selection process.

Conference Information

The goal of the Nonprofit Conference & Expo is to provide skill-building workshops on a variety of relevant topics for staff, board members and skilled volunteers involved in New Hampshire nonprofits. We encourage proposals that support creativity and innovative practices while providing an interactive component rather than those that consist solely of a lecture style.  We encourage proposals that address issues of diversity, equity and inclusion as a specific areas of focus as well as those that integrate diversity, equity and inclusion within the subject matter.

Conference Audience

  • 200+ nonprofit and business professionals
  • Attendees will represent a wide range of organizations from various nonprofit sub-sectors, regions, and organization sizes

General Workshop Information

The Center is seeking proposals for approximately 20-24 workshops. We are looking for presentations that provide relevant, actionable information that nonprofits can implement in their organization right away.

We are looking for workshops that fall under the major categories of:  Marketing/Communications, Fundraising, Technology/Operations, HR, Finance, and Leadership/Governance.  Suggested topics within these categories are listed below; however, any workshop that supports building, expanding, or enhancing a nonprofit’s operations and/or capacity will be considered.

Example Topic Areas:


  • Marketing plans
  • Branding and visibility
  • Social media
  • Media relations
  • Crisis Communications


  • Donor retention
  • Building a development office
  • Grants and government funding
  • Corporate sponsorship
  • Community-Centric Fundraising


  • Cyber-security
  • IT Planning
  • Life in the Cloud
  • Choosing the right software
  • Measuring impact
  • Collecting and using data


  • Recruitment/Hiring/Onboarding
  • Supervision/Evaluation
  • Diversity/Inclusion
  • Professional Development
  • Organizational Culture
  • Staying Legal


  • Budgeting and financial management
  • Understanding nonprofit financial statements
  • Risk Management
  • Dashboards


  • Board Recruitment, Assessment
  • Succession Planning
  • Board Engagement
  • Executive Compensation Agreements
  • Roles & Responsibilities

Workshop Elements

Please take note of these suggested workshop elements as you plan your workshop proposal; we will consider these as we make our final workshop selections:

  • Goals of the Workshop: Identify participant outcomes
  • Encourage Active Learning: Identify methods you will use to encourage active learning (participatory) versus passive learning (listening).
  • Practical Tools: Provide practical tools that participants can take back to their organization and implement.
  • Best Practices/Relevant Research: Identify best practices and/or research that will help participants be leaders within their organizations. Consider how diversity, equity and inclusion factor into the topic.
  • Supporting Materials: Identify supporting materials such as handouts or a bibliography that may be provided to participants.
  • Q&A: Identify how you will incorporate time for questions from participants.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Topic can be covered in 60-75 minutes.
  • Presentation introduces innovative concepts or tools.
  • Presentation provides practical, ready-to-use strategies, skills, or tools.
  • Presentation effectively engages attendees with interactive elements.
  • Submission includes clear and compelling titles and descriptions.
  • Presentation is NOT an advertisement or sales presentation. We ask that presenters limit promotion of themselves and their businesses to their introduction and their contact information on handouts.  We request that presenters do not directly solicit work or solicit input unrelated to the presentation topic.  If you have a product or service to share with the sector, please review sponsor/exhibitor opportunities.
  • Preference will be given to presenters who are members of the NH Center for Nonprofits. Learn about becoming a member today.


  • Workshops are 60 or 75 minutes long.
  • The conference agenda will provide at least 4 breakout blocks and 6 workshops may be held in each block.
  • The Center will provide a screen, a projector and easels/flip charts as needed. You will be responsible for all other materials including laptops, and VGA adaptors.
    • In an effort to be “green” we will not be photocopying materials for breakout sessions. If you feel they are necessary, you will be asked to provide your own handouts.  We will provide a place online where session materials can be uploaded for conference attendees.

Requirement for Speakers

  • All presenters are encouraged to attend the full conference.
  • Presenters will provide a photo, topic summary, top three takeaways and biography for marketing purposes.
  • Presenters will promote participation in the event on their social media sites.
  • Presenters will coordinate with staff regarding any special needs.
  • Presenters will grant permission for online distribution of handouts and supplemental resource materials.
    • If you wish to distribute copyrighted information in your supplemental resources materials, it is your responsibility to obtain the necessary permission. Such materials will be distributed only if they are submitted with the publisher’s written permission attached.

Proposal Contents

Proposals must be submitted online. To help you prepare, all the information requested in the proposal is listed below. To submit more than one workshop proposal, please complete a separate form for each workshop.

Workshop Information

  1. Workshop title
  2. Workshop description (200 word limit)
  3. What are the learning objectives of this workshop? How will attendees be able to apply what they learn from your session directly to their work? (200 word limit)
  4. Who is the ideal audience for this workshop? Please address experience level, professional category, and organization size (e.g., communication professionals with any level of experience from small to mid-sized organizations). (75 word limit)
  5. Please outline the learning formats that will be used and the approximate length of each portion. Clearly explain how these formats will be used to engage participants. Learning format examples include case study, panel, discussion, Q&A, experiential learning activity, and lecture/presentation. (100 word limit)
  6. Do you plan to use any supplemental materials in your presentation (e.g., handout, PowerPoint)?

Presenter Information - Required for each presenter (Max of 2)

  1. Contact information – name, phone, email
  2. Organization or affiliation
  3. Bio – 100 words limit, use third person
  4. If you have never presented at a Center event, please list where/when you have presented before or list at least one reference who is familiar with your presentation skills. Please provide links to videos if available.
  5. Upload a photo (either a headshot or photo of you presenting)

Questions & Additional Information

Please contact Keryn Kriegl at  or 603 225-1947 ext 120 with any questions. Refer to the Conference Workshop FAQ for more information about the conference and the conference workshop selection process.

All RFPs must be submitted by November 30, 2021.




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