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Our job listing pages receives more than 30,000 visits every month. With dozens of jobs at any given time, it has earned the reputation among qualified job seekers as the place to go to find a job in NH's nonprofit sector.

  • Job postings are free for nonprofit members of the Center
  • Your posting will also be listed in one issue of  the Nonprofit Notes Jobs edition, published each Thursday, and sent to over 2,000 subscribers
  • Unlike expensive classified ads, there is no limit to length so your job ad can include detailed language regarding job requirements and responsibilities. In addition, your ad can include a link to your website which allows potential applicants to quickly view information about your organization.

Please note: We do not post Internship or Volunteer Opportunities. For volunteer positions in New Hampshire visit Volunteer NH or your local United Way. For internships, visit the "NH Internships" section of Stay Work Play's website. We do not post contracted positions - only employment positions. 

How to Post a Job

Center Members:
Listings are free for nonprofit members of The Center.  Not sure if you're a member?  Visit our member list.

If your nonprofit organization is not yet a member of The Center there is a $75 fee per employment position.  Listings will remain active for 30 days. Payment for the posting is required prior to the listing being published.



Preparing for Posting

The more information you are able to provide to the people viewing your job, the more likely you are to get truly qualified candidates. The list below will give you an idea of the types of information that will be requested on the posting form. Items with an asterisk are required.

  • Name of organization *
  • Job title, excluding any information that isn't part of the actual job title (shift information, requirements, etc.) *
  • A description of your organization
  • City and state where the job is located *
  • Type of Job (administrative, direct service, programming, management) *
  • Full-time or part-time *
  • Job description *
  • Job responsibilities
  • Job requirements
  • Instructions for applying, including contact information *
  • Deadline for applying

Your ad will be removed at the end of 30 days or on your specified deadline if that falls before the 30 day period ends.

To extend a job listing beyond 30 days, please let us know a few days prior to the expiration date that you would like to extend it and we can manually adjust it. (For not-yet-members, there will be an additional fee to extend a listing.)

Jobs will NOT be automatically posted for more than 30 days and we ask that you keep track of which jobs you wish to extend as they near their 30 day period and which jobs you would like to see taken down early.

For your convenience, you can visit the Jobs Listing page, find a job from your organization, click on the organization name and see all jobs that you have currently listed including the date that they were posted.

In order to post a job, you must be logged in and have an existing relationship in our database with the organization for which you are posting.
All submitted listings will be reviewed by Center staff prior to being published. You will receive a confirmation email once the ad is posted, which is usually within two business days after it has been submitted.

The deadline for submissions to appear in the Nonprofit Notes is 10AM on Wednesday to be included in the Thursday edition. Submission received after that time will appear in the following issue.

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