Build your capacity to effectively engage skilled volunteers.

Beth Steinhorn of VQ Volunteer Strategies works with a nonprofit at the HIVE Summit


There has never been a better time to engage volunteers. Boomers are retiring and looking for engagement in meaningful activity. GenXers are at the stage of life where they are settled in their communities and looking to increase involvement. Millennials were raised on volunteering and are seeking to align their giving activities with life goals. More and more companies are encouraging employees to volunteer.

The question is…Do you have the capacity to engage these individuals who are seeking to do more than walk dogs and ladle out meals? If someone walked in your office and said, “I’m a retired graphic designer and I’d like to use my skills to help your organization for free,” would you be able to take full advantage of that offer?

Engagement of highly-skilled volunteers takes time, effort, and strategy. The High-Impact Volunteer Engagement (HIVE) initiative will provide you with the tools and guidance to boost your return on investment in those relationships.

What is the HIVE initiative?

Facilitator-in-Training Program

Are you passionate about the potential of volunteer engagement to help nonprofits fulfill their dreams? Do you have experience facilitating or coaching?

Learn more about how you can be involved in this innovative initiative

The HIVE initiative is an intensive one-year cohort-based program that offers staff and volunteer leaders the opportunity to explore the latest trends and best practices in volunteer engagement and supports organizations to pilot one strategic innovation in volunteer engagement that will measurably build capacity. Over the course of the year, participating organizations will receive an introductory webinar, a full-day training in volunteer engagement, four individualized coaching calls and two group coaching calls, evaluation support, and a full-day project reunion.

15 -20 organizations will be selected to have a team of not-less-than 4 people design, implement, and evaluate a volunteer engagement pilot project that will build capacity and nurturer engagement skills of both staff and volunteer leaders. Teams will also gain skills to continue to effectively engage highly-skilled volunteers in future projects.

Organizations will have the opportunity to:

  • Innovate and model change in volunteer engagement for the organization
  • Gain professional development and training in project management, volunteer engagement, and work planning
  • Advance leadership development for volunteer and staff leaders
  • Benefit from professional executive coaching and training on change management for volunteer engagement and capacity building
  • Learn new techniques and strategies for organizational leadership, stewardship, and change

About the Facilitator

Beth Steinhorn

Beth Steinhorn, President of VQ Volunteer Strategies, partners with organizations and their leadership to increase their impact through strategic and innovative engagement. The author of multiple books and articles on strategic volunteer engagement, she is a popular speaker and trainer, known for her interactive and inspiring presentations. As a thought leader, Beth regularly participates in the national dialogue about volunteerism and engagement. Her consultations have included developing engagement strategies for Save the Children USA, Special Olympics Southern California, Best Friends Animal Society, and Repair the World. As a Service Enterprise Trainer, she has also trained and supported dozens of organizations to become certified Service Enterprises.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Beth worked as an executive director and marketing director with education and faith-based organizations and spent years working with museums as an educator, manager, and anthropologist. She draws upon her anthropology experience still, helping organizations through the culture shift process – from viewing volunteer management as a program to embracing engagement as a strategy to fulfill mission. Beth has an undergraduate degree from Harvard University and also attended University of Washington for anthropology and museology.

Program Timeline (Some dates to be determined)

Available now
Informational Webinar
A free informational webinar to answer questions about the program and help you decide whether or not to apply is available. Watch the webinar
August 30, 2018Facilitator-in-Training Application Deadline
Completed applications for facilitators-in-training must be submitted by August 30 in order to be considered. Review the position description. Apply today
September 17, 2018Nonprofit Application Deadline
In order to be considered for the program, your completed application must be submitted by the end of the day on September 17, 2018. Review the application instructions.
September 17, 2018Facilitators-in-Training notified
All applicants for the facilitator-in-training positions will be notified as to whether or not they were accepted into the program.
October 12, 2018Facilitator-in-Training Educational Session
A full day training with the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits and the project consultant (VQ Volunteer Strategies) and utilize the HIVE Facilitator Tool Kit, which includes detailed resources, meeting agendas, exercises, and tools.
October 15, 2018Nonprofits notified
All organizations that submitted applications will be notified as to whether or not they were accepted into the program.
November 6, 2018Introductory Webinar
December 6, 2018Program Launch
January-September 2019Pilot Project Implementation & Support
Individual and group coaching calls (four individualized team calls and two cohort-wide calls) and tools to support implementation of the pilot projects.
October 2019Reunion Symposium

Nonprofit Application Instructions

Applications will be accepted until September 17, 2018. Interested organizations should:

  1. Watch the Skilled Volunteer Engagement webinar.
  2. Create a volunteer engagement team of at least four people. Required time and responsibilities may vary depending on the project. Each team must…
    • be at least 50% volunteers, all of whom should have demonstrated organizational experience and leadership skills.
    • include at least one staff person responsible for, at least in part, volunteer engagement.
  3. Review the Frequently Asked Questions document to prepare for the application.
  4. Submit your application before the September 17 deadline.  Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

The fee to participate, if selected, is $300 for members of the Center and $600 for not-yet-members. Fees will be due by the November Program Launch event.

Complete the Application
(Download a list of application questions )

Review the FAQs

Facilitator-in-Training Program

Are you passionate about the potential of volunteer engagement to help nonprofits fulfill their dreams?

To make the HIVE initiative available to more NH nonprofits, the Center seeks to engage experienced facilitators to provide training in the model by national consultant, Beth Steinhorn of VQ Volunteer Strategies. The Center and VQ Volunteer Strategies will provide training and coaching to up to 5 individuals who will gain hands-on experience in coaching 4-5 nonprofits through a year-long pilot project.

Facilitators will:

  • Have the opportunity to truly make a long-lasting difference for the HIVE organization by demonstrating the power of skills-based volunteer engagement.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in and help shape an innovative model for nonprofit capacity-building.
  • Gain new skills in facilitation and experience in professional coaching.

View the Full Position Description

Complete the Application

This Volunteer Generation program is a presented in partnership with Volunteer NH, with funding from the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Volunteer NHCorporation for National & Community Service

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