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Understanding Nonprofit Financials

Many nonprofit staff and board members assume leadership positions after serving in direct service roles and often do not have in-depth fiscal management backgrounds. This session is designed just for these leaders.

This workshop will focus on strengthening your capacity to read and interpret nonprofit financial statements to allow you to clearly understand the organization's fiscal status and strategize for the future. The workshop will also focus on recently implemented accounting standards and those that will impact future reporting.

Topics covered include:

  • Balance sheet vs. income statement
  • Net asset classifications
  • Presentation of expenses
  • Liquidity and availability of resources disclosures
  • Glossary of financial terms you need to know, and
  • Board responsibilities vs. management responsibilities

Workshop begins at 9:30. Please feel free to join us beginning at 9am for check-in and networking.

We plan to hold this event in-person adhering to federal and state health and safety guidelines, as well as protocols set forth by the venue. Depending on updated guidelines, and conditions, at the time of the event, we may require participants to wear a face-covering. Please do not attend if you are experiencing a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other symptoms of COVID-19. Please note that protocols may change at the time of the event. 


Ashley AniskovichAshley E. Aniskovich

Supervising Senior

Ashley performs work on a variety of clients, including accounting, compliance, financial statement preparation, income tax return preparation, and special projects.

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Kelli D'AmoreKelli D'Amore, CPA

Principal, Nathan Wechsler & Company

Kelli has a solid understanding of the needs of the nonprofit industry, and continues to be a strong voice for the nonprofit sector in New Hampshire. She has helped several nonprofits accomplish mergers that have increased the efficiency of mission delivery. In addition to her nonprofit role, Kelli spends much of her time in the construction industry with a focus on general contractors. Through this work she has developed a strong understanding of contract reporting and key performance indicators for the industry.

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This workshop is presented in partnership with Nathan Wechsler & Company.