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About Beyond Key

We are a team of collaboration enthusiasts that designs SharePoint and other dynamic solutions to solve problems for businesses globally. We believe that effective and engaging design is achieved through simplicity, as well as measuring the results of our solutions, refining our objectives, and continuously iterating. We work closely with our clients in an agile development environment, which enables them to have direct input in any customized solutions developed for their use.

Our vision is to create and curate the globally-leading SharePoint add-in collection, sub-systems, intranets, as well as cutting-edge Voice, Chatbot, and Business Intelligence solutions, that solve the daily needs of businesses and institutions everywhere. Our ultimate success is a result of close collaboration with our clients throughout our process and continually improving our solutions with their feedback.

Non-Profits & Foundations

Beyond Key leads the way in Voice and Chatbot Development, as well as SharePoint technologies, development, and consulting in the for-profit business world. We’re now eager to expand our products and services to the non-profit industry to help streamline processes, improve efficiency, save time and money, and ultimately help these organizations make a difference in their communities and succeed in their missions.

Some of our key services include:

  • Custom Development
  • Ready-to-use Apps and Workflows
  • Business Intelligence
  • Voice and Chatbot Development
  • Upgradation and Migration
  • Enterprise Intranet
  • Integration
  • SharePoint Support and Maintenance
  • Alexa and Google Home skill development
  • IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning

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