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Lexian Management Associates

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Lexian Management Associates, LLC

An Association Management Company Assisting Nonprofits Since 1999

What is Lexian Management?

Founded in 1999, Lexian is a New Hampshire-based nonprofit management company offering wide-ranging expertise and a cost-effective model. We know that for many nonprofits and small businesses, budget and time constraints often cause goals to go unaccomplished. But limited resources shouldn’t mean limited possibilities. At Lexian, we handle the nitty-gritty so you can focus on Big Picture plans and ideas. Offering a skilled and detail-oriented team, a diverse array of services, and the drive to continually improve, we’re here to help your organization achieve its fullest potential.

Continuity, the Glue, and the Heavy Lifting

Lexian provides “continuity” while board and committee members change. Over the years, several board members have described us as “the glue” that holds together the varied efforts of the organization.

The mission of Lexian is to help its clients more easily achieve their goals. This is accomplished by Lexian doing what has been referred to by board members as “the heavy lifting.” We handle the details and execute the plans so that board members can focus on the mission and vision of their nonprofit.

A Cost-Effective Model

Lexian serves its clients as an Independent Contractor. This enables our clients to avoid the costs of employer-provided benefits, office space, and equipment. Our clients avoid the employer’s share of employees' Social Security and Medicare taxes, state unemployment compensation insurance, workers' compensation insurance, and health insurance – payments that can easily increase payroll costs by 30% or more. Lexian’s staff are Lexian employees, not employees of the client’s organization. This relieves our clients of the usual employer-employee tasks, exposures, and challenges. Furthermore, Lexian brings specialized expertise to the job.

What Services Does Lexian Provide?

Our services are available à la carte or as a complete package. Some examples of our offerings include:


In addition to project management services, Lexian can provide a fractional, interim, or part-time Executive Director. A Lexian ED will work with and for your organization’s board of directors or your current Executive Director.

Board and Committee Support

Lexian provides consistency as board members come and go. We assist with board elections, annual planning sessions, and monthly board meetings. We also monitor the client organization’s insurance, keep track of policies and procedures, and participate in committee meetings/committee work as needed.

Bookkeeping and Financial Management

Lexian provides bookkeeping and accounting services including A/R collections assistance. We manage the billing of membership dues, process donations and sponsorships, prepare financial reports on a monthly basis, and assist with data preparation for tax returns.

Membership Administration

Lexian keeps track of member contact information, assists with membership drives, handles incoming membership applications and membership renewals, and processes membership terminations.

Marketing and Communications

Lexian handles phone calls on a general or dedicated line, manages client organizations’ websites, and monitors “info@” email addresses. We also provide social media management, create and send email broadcasts and surveys, assist with the production of e-newsletters, and produce print/digital marketing materials.

Meeting, Program, and Event Management

Lexian assists with planning and managing events and meetings including board meetings, annual planning sessions, social networking events, educational presentations, conferences, and golf tournaments. We set up and manage online registration forms, process event sponsorships, work with event venues, handle print and digital marketing, prepare event materials, and assist on-site as needed.

Central Office

Lexian handles incoming and outgoing mail for client organizations and provides the software and equipment they need to operate. Our office also serves as an organized and secure location for the storage of files and supplies.

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