The Role
The Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success (ORIS) is seeking to identify a contractual relationship with a financial professional to support the organization’s knowledge and use of financial strategy as it continues on a rapid growth trajectory. ORIS has approximately doubled the size of its budget over the last three years with a mixture of federal grants, earned income, and private funding. ORIS has never had in-house financial staff to date, working instead with an external CPA partner. 
ORIS anticipates that the person conducting this work will be positioned to understand the organization’s long term needs, and end the contract with recommended long-term plan for managing the organization’s financial needs – whether contractual or in-house staffing. Specifically, ORIS seeks a candidate to support them in four primary categories, described in detail below: organizational financial structure, grants financial management, financial reporting, and long term financial strategy. In carrying out the work outlined below, additional tasks may be identified to be handled either by the person carrying out this contract, or at a later date by staff or future contractual partners.
A successful candidate will have extensive nonprofit financial experience, including with managing federal grant monies, earned income programs, capital campaign management, and rapid organizational growth. Ideally, candidates will have a lived or experiential background with new American communities and an ability to communicate about financial strategy and management with those without a professional financial background. 

1. Organizational Finance Structure
• Reorganize accounting structure to simplify expense categorization, and ensure ease of reporting by program area, specific grants, and overall organizational budget. 
• Evaluate and update financials policies and procedures, and train staff on implementation.
• We are undergoing our first full audit for 2020 (have previously done financial reviews), and expect there will be some specific suggestions from that process that will need to be implemented but that are not yet known.
2. Grants Financial Management
• Establish system for allocating staff time to grants, including for grant proposals, and also for allocating payroll costs
• Establish clear system and reporting for tracking project expenses against the grant budget, including indirect costs and matching requirements, with particular focus on adhering to strict federal government spending requirements. 
3. Financial Reporting
• Create financial tracking and reporting for capital projects.
• Ensure that leadership has ready access to financial reports and budget status, including for individual grants, at all times.
4. Long term financial strategy
• Evaluate needs for financial reserves and/or other financial risk mitigation.
• Work with leadership to plan for financial sustainability, particularly in light of potential changes in federal policies that can restrict (and increase) funding available through federal grant opportunities
• Establish protocols for evaluating and pursuing future capital opportunities. 
To submit an application/proposal for this opportunity, please send relevant materials to This should include a description of your background and qualifications for this role and desired hourly rate. Applications/proposals will be accepted through Friday, August 20, 2021. ORIS will contact applicants for the position for interviews and follow up during the week of August 23, and aims to start the position in early September. 

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