Thriving Nonprofit Organizations are Built on Strong Foundations…

A great way to refocus on which strategies are core to your success and how to move from one stage of development to the next, is to step back and take an assessment of your organization.

The Center’s Best Practice Resources were developed based on the framework of the Four Core Capacity Model1, and include:

  • the Core Capacity Organizational Assessment Tool (CCAT)
  • the Best Practice Guide to Organizational Capacity Building2

These two tools help nonprofit leaders map their progress and develop strategies for organizational capacity building and find answers to such questions as:

  • What strategies will best help you develop your organization’s infrastructure?
  • What are the common characteristics of effective nonprofit organizations?
  • To turn around a stagnant organization, what should the leaders focus on?


1)The Four Core Capacity Model was developed by TCC Group of Philadelphia
2)The Best Practice Guide was developed by the Center in partnership with TCC Group and Peggy Kieschnick  of  Kieschnick Consulting Services.

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