Take advantage of summer recess and get in front of your lawmakers!

Our legislators are home from Washington for their summer recess. It is a perfect opportunity get on their calendars. Invite your elected officials to visit your organization to see the value of the programs that you offer! Take the opportunity to enhance your representative’s understanding of the work that you do and the nonprofit sector as a whole.

There are a number of issues being debated in Washington that have potential consequences for nonprofits. Let your elected officials know how you feel about these issues and find out where they stand:

  • The charitable deduction is facing proposals that limit (or eliminate) the deduction to pay for other legislative proposals
  • The IRA charitable rollover and other charitable giving provisions are at risk of elimination
  • The ability of charitable organizations to secure the resources needed to fulfill their missions and improve the lives of the people they serve are facing challenges
  • Ideas around dealing with the federal deficit are being offered that could increase poverty or income inequality

Need some more information? Check out the National Council of Nonprofits website for advocacy resources.

Post date: August 13, 2013
Topics: NH Issues

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