Subcommittee Makes No Recommendation on HB 569

The Subcommittee assigned to House Bill 569 voted yesterday to make “no recommendation” to the full House Ways and Means Committee on the bill. HB 569 would impose the Business and Enterprise Tax on 501(c)(3) nonprofit organiztions in NH with program revenue, less grants and contributions, of $10 million. Following a split vote of 2-2, with Representatives Azarian (R - Salem) and Ames (D - Jaffrey) voting “inexpedient to legislate” and Representatives Ulery (R - Hudson) and McCalrren (R - Nashua) voting "out to pass" (if amended to raise the threshold to $25 million), the retained bill will now be considered by the House Ways and Means Committee in their Executive Session on November 4th at 10:00 AM in LOB 202. All nonprofits are urged to contact the House Ways and Means Committee to oppose the bill.

Post date: October 21, 2015
Topics: NH Legislative Updates

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