No to BET on NH's Tax-Exempt Nonprofits; Hearing on Friday, February 6

Your Engagement Needed

The House Ways & Means Committee will hold a hearing on House Bill 569 Friday, February 6th, at 10:30 AM in Room 202 of the Legislative Office Building. HB 569 proposes to levy the Business Enterprise Tax (BET) on a significant group of NH nonprofits.

Sponsored by Rep. David Hess of Hooksett, this bill impacts nonprofits with annual program service revenue and business revenues from related tax-exempt organizations, less contributions and grants, exceeding $10,000,000.

Impacted nonprofits would include networks of disability centers, mental health centers, senior care facilities, supportive housing organizations, as well as community colleges, universities and hospitals that are making significant investments into their communities.

Please Act

Key Concerns

HB 569 will have a negative impact on vital services.

HB 569 will have a negative impact on communities.

HB 569 will have a negative impact on charitable giving.

Download more detailed talking points.

Post date: January 30, 2015
Topics: NH Legislative Updates

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