NH Nonprofits Report Impact of COVID-19

NH nonprofit leaders shared their experience in a recent survey during the week of April 20th.  This is the second pulse survey compiled by the Center during the COVID-19 pandemic. See previous data.  

Virtually all respondents cited major disruptions to their organizations and are  [NH state word cloud] adapting their services to meet critical needs in our communities while keeping their constituents, staff and volunteers safe.

92% of responding nonprofits have experienced a loss in revenue – on average 34% of budgets have been lost, with some missions faring much worse.

61% of organizations reported suspending some operations with 22% reporting temporarily suspending all operations.

44% of organizations have increased some operations to meet the surge in demand.

38% of all organization and 45% of human service organizations reported an increase in demand for their services.

  • Some organizations have transitioned previously in-person services to virtual meetings, phone calls, and text messages.
  • Other organizations are unable to step away from in-person services and have additional costs for PPEs and additional cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Nearly all organizations continuing to provide services have had to adapt, learning new technology, new safety protocols and new cleaning procedures.

Respondents expressed concern in equal measure for the toll that this crisis is taking on staff and the communities that they serve.

While 45% of respondents have instituted layoffs, other organizations are struggling to maintain staff and facing unanticipated overtime costs.

The experience in accessing the benefits of a PPP loan has been uneven across the landscape of both small businesses and nonprofits.

  • 47% applied and were approved
  • 20% applied but were awaiting decisions
  • Many small organizations commented that they did not think they were eligible for it or that the funds were depleted before they had a chance to apply.


Post date: May 5, 2020
Topics: NH Issues | NH News

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