NH Center for Nonprofits Policy Framework

The nonprofit sector plays an essential role in enhancing the economic, social, environmental, and cultural well-being of the people of New Hampshire. The NH Center for Nonprofits advocates for public policies that advance, improve, and protect the ability of New Hampshire's nonprofits to achieve their missions and effectively serve their communities.

The following policy framework provides the context to guide advocacy, education, and the development of specific policy agendas and strategic engagement.

Policy Framework

Improve and Protect the Public Benefits of NH's Charitable Nonprofits

Charitable Giving Incentives
  • Support public policies that incentivize charitable giving
  • Encourage tax, land use, and service incentives
Municipal, State, and Federal Tax Policies
  • Retain property tax exemptions for nonprofits using their real estate for mission-related activities
  • Safeguard NH nonprofits' exclusion from state business taxes
  • Protect all Municipal, State, and Federal tax exemptions

Enhance the Public-Nonprofit Partnership with Fair and Equitable Business Practices

Government Contracting
  • Support fair and transparent procurement and contracting practices
  • Advocate for reimbursement for reasonable indirect costs
  • Work to streamline reporting and filings
  • Encourage public and private resources to support nonprofit sustainability, including staffing, administrative supports, and infrastructure
  • Promote the role of NH's nonprofit sector in a strong economy

Promote Self Governance and Public Engagement

Advocacy and Public Engagement
  • Maintain the right of nonprofits to advocate on behalf of their missions
  • Encourage participation in NH's public life and policy arenas
  • Promote volunteerism in NH's nonprofits
  • Support evaluation of the impact of nonprofits
Board Governance
  • Protect the self-regulating duties and roles of governing Boards of Directors

Download a PDF copy of the Center's Policy Framework.

Post date: December 13, 2016
Topics: NH Issues | National Issues | Rules of Engagement

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