Marker Bill Proposes Subjecting Charities to Business and Enterprise Tax

Representative David Hess of Hooksett has introduced a Legislative Service Request (LSR 2015-H-0059-R) to, according to its title, include nonprofit charitable enterprises under the business enterprise tax, and lower the rate of the tax.

Representative Hess introduced House Bill 1509 (which we covered previously) in the 2014 legislative session that proposed subjecting 501(c)3 nonprofit charities with $1.5 million in gross annual operating revenue to the BET and subsequently drew up an amendment to HB 1509 directed at nonprofit charities with $2 million in annual program revenue.

The NH Center for Nonprofits voiced strong opposition to HB 1509 (read the testimony the Center submitted) and will continue to oppose the proposal. The Center is now convening a broad group of stakeholders to organize a strong defense to this potentially damaging legislation.

Post date: October 20, 2014
Topics: NH Legislative Updates

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