Advocacy by the Numbers

The breadth of nonprofit sector in NH and impact on its citizens is impressive. These nonprofits provide the very real products and services that touch all NH citizens in some way, and that citizens often rely upon, each and every day; from health care to education and from natural resources and arts and culture. Every day the dedicated and skilled workforce of the nonprofit sector are providing advances in these areas, all while playing a large role in the state’s economy.  

Here are a couple of compelling numbers on the sectors impact in NH:

  • 8400 nonprofits serving 1.3 million NH residents
  • One nonprofit for every 155 people
  • To compare there are 32,000 small businesses in NH
  • Twenty percent of nonprofits with budgets over $100,000 that can tackle more complex service needs
  • Eighty percent of nonprofits with budgets under $100,000 that include many community-based small organizations such as library associations and after-school programs
  • Nonprofits comprise 15% of the total state’s GDP (over $9 billion per year)
  • One out of every seven of NH’s workforce are employed by nonprofits

To read more about the sector and to help your organization create a compelling communication strategy around your mission download the full report

Post date: June 26, 2013
Topics: NH Issues | Impact Stories

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