Capacity Building Event

Engaging Candidates Virtually During Covid-19

Presented by: Nonprofit VOTE

While the news may be focused on the presidential race this November, communities across the country are also electing state and local officials and candidate debates, forums, and other events are prevalent in the summer and fall months to help voters learn more about candidates and their campaigns. Not knowing who is on the ballot is a common reason cited by potential voters for why they didn't participate in an election. As a nonpartisan voter education activity, candidate engagement is a key strategy for nonprofits encouraging the people they serve to vote.

Although in person events will be limited this year and many campaigns are choosing digital outreach to prioritize the safety of staff, volunteers, and the community, there is still a role for nonprofits to play! By pivoting our in-person events and contact to virtual formats we can still make sure that our communities are informed about their choices and that candidates understand who and what our organizations stand for. This webinar will cover why candidate engagement matters, how to keep it nonpartisan, and ways to adapt to online formats and platforms. Our featured speakers will share their first hand experience on this topic. Don't miss it!

Date/Time: Thursday, August 13, 2020 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

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