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Individual Members

Our individual members represent people who are not directly affiliated with a nonprofit, but wish to show their support for the sector.

Brett Allard
Grant Alois
Naomi Andrus-Lamas
Ellen Arrigoni
Jake Berry
Beth Boucher
Kate Bruchacova
Lee Bruder
Kara Dougherty
Corey Garry
Jeffrey Ghannam
Dolores Gifford
Susan Grant
Courtney Gray
Jason Gregoire
Donna Griffin
Laurie Harding
Lori Hibner
Lynn Hilbrunner
Chris Holman
Colleen Ives
Mary Ellen Jackson
James Kimberly
Mark Laliberte
Erin Langille
Alena Leon
Jessica Livingston
Evan Lowry
Bob MacArthur
Elissa Margolin
Jeffrey Marks
Grace Mattern
Mark McLaughlin
Jim Miller
Melissa Nemon
Mike Ostrowski
Tara Pacht
Nelly Palmer
Pamela Pantos
Beverly Parent
Anne Peyton, CPF, CFRE
Suzanne Prentiss
Linda Quinn
Alan Reische
Jennifer Riccio
Giselle Rodriguez
Jonathan Routhier
Michael Sampson
Sheila Sarabia
Eileen Sarson
Vandna Sharma
Claudia Shilo
Maria Sillari
David Simons
Pam Smith
Steven Smith
John Tobin
Janelle Travers
Andru Volinsky
Kim Votta

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