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Board Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Assess your board's effectiveness

The Board Self-Assessment Questionnaire allows nonprofit boards to assess their effectiveness in 12 aspects of governance - ranging from Board-Staff roles to External Relations Practices. This tool has been used across the country (and in other nations) by hundreds of boards and thousands of board members since 2009.

The tool is now available as an online survey and the results are tabulated for you - replacing the previous process of tabulating by hand. The data is then put in a format that makes it easy for your board to begin analysis and assessment of key areas.

Online administration of the Board Self-Assessment tool is available at no cost to New Hampshire Nonprofits. Nonprofits outside of New Hampshire can access the tool for an administrative fee of $50.


The questionnaire itself is always available for anyone to download and self-administer for free.

While we do not provide any analysis with the tabulation, if you are interested in consultation around the analysis, please let us know.


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