NH Department of Labor Safety Summary Form Reminder

The NH Department of Labor has sent out a reminder about changes to the requirements for employers for filing a Safety Summary Form. Since the relevant RSA was changed in 2013, business are no longer required to file the form bi-annually.

The Department of Labor's reminder outlines the current requirements:

Current Filing Requirements: File the Safety Summary Form just once after 2010.

Do Not File Again If: Filed a Safety Summary form in 2011 or more recently.

Do Not File If: The business has fewer than 15 employees.

Do File If: The business has or had 15 or more employees at any time during the year, including seasonal employees and:

  • Never filed before, or…
  • Filed before but not since 2010.

Download a PDF copy of the reminder from the NH Department of Labor's website.

Post date: January 29, 2015
Topics: Human Resources | Legal | Operations

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