Online Administration
of the Board Self-Assessment Questionnaire

In 2009, the Corporate Fund, Ed Tomey and the NH Center for Nonprofits collaborated to transform the paper-based Board-Self Assessment Tool into a streamlined online experience. Prior to this, users of the tool often spent precious time tallying items by hand. While the tool is still available to download and self-administer, there is now an option to have some of the tedium be completed for you.

The online administration is free for nonprofits in NH. The cost for all other organizations to utilize the online tool is an administrative fee of $50. Payment is required prior to the launch of the questionnaire.

It is recommended that you read the materials that are available in the right column of this page. The Guidelines will explain all the steps in more detail. Once the process is initiated, there is only a two-week window to complete the survey, so all participants’ questions about the process should be answered prior to initiating the survey. It is important to discuss the choice to participate in the assessment with the whole board.

Your first step, after reading the guidelines and discussing participation with your board, will be to submit your organization’s demographic information. 


Each member of your board for which you have provided an email address will be contacted via email with a personalized link to the survey.  In the special case that a board member does not have an email address, you can print out the questionnaire for them and they can send their responses by mail or fax. Our mailing address and fax number are available at the bottom of each page of our website.

 One week after this email has been sent, a reminder will go out to those who have not yet completed the survey. In addition, an email will be sent to you with a list of those individuals. We encourage your to follow up with them to ensure that they have received the survey link and to stress the limited time frame. It is important that you stress to your board members that they must complete the survey within the two-week window.

Two weeks after the initial launch, the survey will be closed and no further responses will be accepted. 
The results from your survey will be tabulated as a pdf file and sent to you within 2 business days of the close of the survey. The results generated from the Board Self-Assessment Questionnaire are confidential will not display any individual responses.
If you have any trouble accessing the questionnaire, please email or call us at (603) 225-1947.

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